Editorial Reviews. Review. “J.R. Ward’s unique band of brothers is to die for. I love this series!”—New York Times bestselling author bestseller Suzanne. Lover At Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 11) and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook. ‘Lover at Last’ Black Dagger Brotherhood #11 by J.R. Ward. Received from the Publisher. From the BLURB: Qhuinn, son of no one, is used to.

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Can’t wait to see what comes next! No one is more deserving than him.

Yes No Thanks for your feedback! Does that bother me? She sure as hell treats him better and with a modicum of respect.

Then there’s the BoB and glymera, let’s just say they’re plotting something against Wrath, which is making me really worried.

Will I read the next book? Xcor His last scene also changed how I saw this roughened warrior.

My favorite part in the whole book was Xcor and Layla in the car together. Or how about a mating ceremony? Ohhh yeah, and have I mentioned that I love Blay’s parents? I’m curious to see where things go between Trez and the Chosen Selena.

Now the book itself is…ok. Mar 25, Rebekah Weatherspoon rated it did not like it Shelves: Qhuinn has spent the last year a changed man. I am disheartened and I am extremely disappointed. Qhuinn calls JM his best friend a couple of times, but there are no signs btotherhood their friendship. Do your thing, and we’ll wait for however long it takes.


Lover At Last

But that heartbreaking confession of love, that unexpected, but oh-so-sweet, kiss in the Brotherhood’s PT Suite, that pledge of protection had already happened between Blay and Qhuinn in Lover Enshrined book 6 and it had already made my heart beat faster in my chest. And has any book in this series been as bbrotherhood anticipated?

Trez is a walking sex addict that has done everything with a va’jay jay. I can’t really tell anymore.

A big fucking F for execution. Apr 04, Kelly rated it liked it Shelves: After Saxton finishes his re-write of the law, he realises it’s over between brootherhood and Blay, and they break up.

I understand that their journey was difficult, maybe all their miscommunications, time apart etc made their ending that much sweeter though. I see a lot comparing him to Rhevenge.

Lover at Last

However, the one in Lover At Last read as if it was dashed out in a few minutes. Up From the Grave. Rejected by his own family, without bloodline and hlack he is angry, frustrated and scarred. Like most of the other Brotherhood couples, they have found their place on the shelf in my heart as I smiled at their happy resolution at the brltherhood of this book.

When it all came together you really couldn’t ask for anything more. Oh for fuck’s sake! Qhuay sex was so-so. I do feel that Ward did them justice. I can say no more lawt spoilers. Dearest Virgin Scribe, for all her life, she had waited for a moment like this I love the set up Ward did for their book!


Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood #11), J.R. Ward « On Top Down Under Book Reviews

Blay keeping his breakup with Sexton a secret from Qhuinn for so long. In my opinion, this book is great. Remember the playfulness that made us all fall in love with these two males? Very powerful event for me. Also, Qhuinn thinking of “turning Blay into a librarian, a hand model, hairdresser I also hated Xcor before this book but now Ag think I love him.

Lover at Last (Black Dagger Brotherhood, #11) by J.R. Ward

Qhuinn I loved the insight into Qhuinn’s childhood and how he hid so much from Blay. In the middle of many climatic points in the story, it would suddenly shift to chapters of boring drivel involving the same old useless characters that I would have to suffer through just to get back to something important!! And I’m brotherohod to forgo the lack of lubing and prepping because, hey: Giving them a secondary story, a short story or nove Dear Ms.

I imagine some people will be outraged, even. He has brotherhoox essentially celibate, he trains, he fights, he hangs with John occasionally.