For years, Jack Higgins’s “battalions of loyal fans” (People) have thrilled to his “rip -roaring” (Associated Press) novels of honor, bravery and irresistible. The incomparable Jack Higgins returns to the bestseller lists, launching undercover enforcer Sean Dillon into his most spectacular adventure yet – a. For years, Jack Higgins’s “battalions of loyal fans” (People) have thrilled to his “rip -roaring” (Associated Press) novels of honor, bravery and irresistible intrigue.

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His upbringing in Belfast also exposed him to the political and religious violence that characterized the city at the time.

But Fox did not become powerful by letting his enemies get that close. Seriously, two hardened criminals and a member of the provisional IRA all buckled under the threat of prison in less than five minutes?

Sep 30, Mailmanr5 rated it did not like it. One part I found ridiculous is that the Mossad would depend or even request the help of Sean Dillon to destroy the boat carring the Hammerhead missiles. Refresh and try again. Brigadier Charles Ferguson, who was directly under the British Prime Minister decided to take him out of prison and in turn, Sean Dillon had to work for him. Once you open its first page, you can’t stop read it.

The second thriller book I’ve read. All things considered is not a bad novel, just not reckpning good as the others. Let’s just say, I was NOT impressed with this book. A great number of characters sometimes with similar names pop in and out, and it’s hard to keep track higguns who everybody is.

A death in Brooklyn sends reverberations around the world in Jack Higgins’s thrilling new adventure. Most of the story takes place in London, but to destroy the mafia’s businesses, the story also goes to Manhattan, Ireland, Cornwall and Lebanon.

Day of Reckoning (Sean Dillon, #8) by Jack Higgins

It may qualify for a Hollywood action movie and spending one and a half hours is not a problem but reading three pages for such a book is certainly not worth it. Charles Ferguson is a Brigadier and he mainly wants to get his things done. There are some interesting pieces like the way in which they close the casino but there aren’t enough of these scenes to keep the story going. Feb 04, Bev Taylor rated it really reckoniing it. Good thing there is a great cast of characters to back this book up as he doesn’t develop them much.


Mar 26, Stefan rated it liked it Shelves: Mar 13, Heri rated it it was amazing. Might still read it if I had some time to kill but not highly recommended.

He gets the kack about the businesses of the Solazzo family from the tapes that she had recorded and he didn’t want to take revenge by killing him directly. Blake Johnson is an American, a friend of Dillon and Ferguson, is in charge of the President’s personal force and is a close friend of the president and from what I could understand, for him, revenge is the priority. It is action and suspense all the way as undercover intelligences help White House security insider avenge the death of his ex-wife, a reporter murdered for getting too close to a mafia story.

The reader did an excellent job portraying the different voices. He wanted to ruin him by destroying every business of his this was Dillon’s idea and making him run out of cash and thereby, because of his failures, the old don of the Solazzo teckoning, Don Marco Solazzo would take Fox out of the business. Day of Reckoning is brilliant suspense — the master working truly at the height of his powers. Unfortunately for him, she is the ex-wife of White House troubleshooter Blake Johnson.

Day of Reckoning

He has a lot of illegal businesses and anyone who gets too close to him, is killed. Fox learns that she plans to expose him as a Mafia member and nephew of a Mafia family, and he has her killed. Best line in the book: He is a person who doesn’t care whether he lives or dies and hence, is an ideal mercenary. LibraryThing recommendations and tag cloud.


Interesting storyline about pursuing a mafia killer. Jack Higgins’ books are never going to win a Booker Prize Award but, like James Patterson, you know what you’re going to get.

But Jaxk did not become powerful by letting his enemies get that close. Novels by Jack Higgins British novels Novels about journalists HarperCollins books European novel stubs s thriller novel stubs. May 02, Mark rated it liked it. Jack Higgins is the pseudonym of Harry Patterson b. I love reading them his books like others of this typebut I need to go back to the beginning to read the character development.

Journalist Katherine Johnson made the mistake of getting jjack close to the secrets of international crime boss Jack Reckkning – but Fox made the mistake of killing her. This article about a thriller novel of the s is a stub. Still, better than average.

Feb 26, Ed rated it really liked it Shelves: The only thing I truly liked are the supporting characters: If Johnson and Dillon want to take him reckonjng, they will have to face his own brand of revenge. The dialogue was overly simplistic and many of the plot elements were completely unbelievable.

Dec 18, Paul rated it liked it. Wherever the money trail leads – New York, England, Ireland, the Middle East – Johnson and his Irish colleague, Sean Dillon, plan to hit Fox where it hurts the most, by reckonkng his illegal businesses to shreds, until Fox stands defenseless before his enemies.

My memory of earlier Jack Higgins books was that they were suspenseful, tightly plotted and with interesting and memorable characterizations. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

It may qualify for a Reckoninh action movie and spending one and a half hours is not a problem but reading three pages for such a book is certainly not worth it.