Принципиальная схема, service manual Grundig GRUNDIG Megatron SEA PIP/ GRUNDIG STCUCHz. GRUNDIG hz Service 3 Technische Daten. Please note the Grundig Catalog “Test and Measuring Equipment” obtainable from: . 82cm (32″) MEGATRON Super Flat, Black Matrix, CCS, Invar, Philips/ °. View and Download GRUNDIG M /8 IDTV/LOG user manual online. COLOR TELEVISION. M /8 IDTV/LOG TV pdf manual download.

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Die Programme 1… werden dabei gleichzeitig eingstellt. Because of the change of the centre of gravity when removing the rear panel, the chassis or an existing stand, it is necessary to protect the set from tipping.

Using the special functions! When this is done, use the FOCUS 2 control on the focus block to adjust the vertical lines about 5 cm to the right and left picture border for minimum horizontal width. Test point R, G, B picture tube plate. Blocking Programmes Unfit For Children Blocking programmes unfit for children The signal to block programmes is not broadcast The set can only be switched back on after entering by every station.

Genaue Betriebsspannung UB ermitteln.

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Die bisherigen Einstellungen “Sprache”, “Land” und “Programmbelegung” bleiben erhalten. Select “yes” or “no”. Align the geometry test pattern beginning with the vertical alignment see alignment point Multi 8 Multi-9 sets: With the “manual” option, you may set the contrast and the picture sharpness. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The picture sharpness is set bedienugsanleitung all programmes.


Eventuelle Laufzeitunterschiede zwischen Y und Chroma optimieren. Use the FOC control on the picture tube panel to adjust the On Adjust the values for bediebungsanleitung, “green” and “blue” so that a white picture is obtained. Display a PIP picture.

The teletext editorial staff updates certain teletext The individual countries are divided among three pages. Modulator-Platte Velocity Modulation Board This activates the PIP mode.

Grundig — CUC 1934

Contrast W to maximum. Press “OK” to save the position. Adjust picture for best sharpness “manual” or “0…3”. Don’t have an account? The regulations and safety instructions shall be valid as provided bedienunvsanleitung the “Safety” Service Manual, part numberas well as the respective national deviations.

The number of flashing pulses indicates the defective module according to the table. Channel position ten is highlighted in red. With the Focus 2 control, adjust the vertical lines about 5cm from the right and left picture edge to the smallest horizontal width. Determine the test point with the highest voltage level.

BR L 1n K C n. These cable clamps can be reopened by pressing the locking lug in the direction of the arrow.

Call up teletext index page. Press “OK” for confirmation. Don’t show grumdig this message again. Alignment Process With the Focus 1 control, adjust the horizontal lines in the middle of the screen to the smallest vertical width. Gleiche Impulsbreite der Oszillogramme kontrollieren und gegebenenfalls mit Spule L abgleichen.

RED 15 SI n. Auf “ja” oder “nein” stellen. Adjust the screen brightness R so that the black background of the test pattern just starts grundlg brighten.

Grundig Sedance 70 (Hz) STZIL User Manual – Page 1 of 4 |

Picture sharpness Call up the “Picture sharpness P. The bridge coil L is adjusted during production and should not metatron re-adjusted any more. Minimum Use the R control to adjust the value according to the table page With the help of the user bedienungsanleihung adjust the geometry values first for the vertical deflection and then for the horizontal deflection.


Special Functions in mebatron “Installation” Menu 2. The picture geometry adjusts itself to the last saved value when switching the TV set on again.

M M 0,1u CC n. Set the picture width to minimum. Ending the geometry alignment: Re-adjust the picture width according to the test pattern. For replacement please order exclusively the mains connecting cable specified in the spare parts list. The upper border sharpness must not be worse than the centre sharpness – set to average value if necessary.

Mains Cable The TV receiver must only be operated with an original mains connecting cable with an interference suppressor choke integrated in the mains plug.

Only when this is done position the picture contents into the centre of the screen.

CC S3 49 n. Megatrron regulations and safety instructions shall be valid as provided by the “Safety” Service Manual, part numberas well as the respective national deviations. For the programmes 1…99 or 1… you may set the noise reduction to “off”, “low” or “automatic”.