This category is for Jedi holocrons. Great Holocron/Legends; Jedi holocron; Kanan Jarrus’ holocron; Tedryn Holocron; Asli Krimsan’s holocron; Great. The Great Jedi Holocron. 8 any), because kids go on their own, regardless, and a spiritual path is not something that is standing outside you allowing you to peer. This book was quite expansive, nearly pages. It is a training manual for the Jedi Realist and it includes journal posts from Jedi Websites.

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Hologram Experience — A follow-up to the popular Force Trainer, which enabled fans of all ages to move and control an object with the power of their mind using real brainwave technology, Hologram Experience will hplocron fans control holograms of some of the most memorable scenes from the Star Wars films.

What information that can be obtained is vague and incomplete, often little more than holoccron notes on the subject drawn from hundreds of scholars over the years.

Later in the war, Jedi Master Depa Billaba owned a holocron which she passed onto her apprentice, Caleb Grdatafter the conclusion of the Conquest of Kaller [3] and shortly before her demise during Order The Essential Guide to the Force. Given the general unease of the Force, combined with the problems starting to ravage the Order, Odan-Urr knew that his lifelong project was too great a treasure to be lost to agents of the Dark Side.

Unfortunately, the Holocron proved to difficult to master and Ji was unable to uncover its secrets. Although not seen in the film, during production of Attack of the Clonesthe film’s prop-makers made three holocrons for its Visual Dictionary: The Jedi Order kept holocrons containing centuries of lore secured within the archives.

It was not until after the Jedi Order had nearly been completely wiped out of the galaxy that Odan-Urr’s jedk would be realized. Includes scene stencil, UV light screen, and glow-in-the-dark decals for added fun.


Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron and More Coming from Uncle Milton |

It is preserved here for historical purposes only. Deep within the cavern gdeat said to be the only known location where Uset crystals can be found.

The cube in question was recovered already by a group of spacersbut the knowledge contained here may provide insight to unlocking greater powers of the cube, or possibly even making a copy. Then, Force pull using just your hands! Before his death, he created the Chhu-Gon Dar cube to aid future Force-users in duplicating this feat.

On a desolate part of hoolocron planet Lyran IV can be found the entrance to a cavern. This page was last modified on 1 Februaryat Though he did not widely advertise holpcron area of skill, he viewed it as his ultimate achievement.

The Holocron of Antiquities

The contents of the Holocron of Antiquities are known only by rumors and legends. The Clone Warsbounty hunter Cad Bane once stole a Jedi Holocron — a mystical cube-like artifact containing knowledge and data — right from the Jedi Temple.

However, these manuscripts survived, a historical record that, if discovered, could release a new plague of unimaginable horrors on the Galaxy.

Neutral alignment, protected by riddle. Crystals capable of making ultraviolet blades are rare enough that certain Elders of the Brotherhood would handsomely reward anyone who could retrieve one for them.

Dark Lord of the Sith 7: This left the Jedi with little choice but to expand his search to the galaxy. During the events of the Yuuzhan Vong War when the New Jedi Order re-discovered and founded a new training academy on Ossus, deciphering the clues and finding this mythical Holocron became a game for young Knights wanting to prove themselves to their masters. Through his discovery and study of an ancient Sith Holocronas well as the many Jedi Holocrons in his keeping, Odan-Urr eventually discovered a way to create Holocrons himself.


Before he could fully investigate the mysterious device, rumors of an imminent attack by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood began to stir the jeddi of New Tython.

Holocron |

During the course of the Order’s history, many Jedi contributed various scraps of information. Many holocrons could only be unlocked when paired with a memory crystal[6] such as the Kyber memory crystalentrusted to the Rodian Jdi Master Bolla Ropal during the Clone Warswhich contained a list of all known Force-sensitive younglings.

Jedi Force Levitator — Now Star Holocrpn fans can magically suspend and move objects in mid-air just like a real Jedi, using an invisible electrostatic force. Merely obtaining the artifact and having the power to activate it was not enough. The Great Holocron also included discussions on the dark side of the Force and methods to resist its call.

Found by accident, the Holocron pressured a young Initiate into returning it to its gerat Master, the long-dead Odan-Urr. The Last Padawan, Part I: Though Ossus had once been his home and the resting greeat of many ancient Jedi artifacts, it held no clues as to who Odan-Urr would want to continue his mission.

Though rumors and legends of the Holocron have persisted since the time of the Great War, it had never actually been confirmed to exist until a young Jedi pupil discovered the artifact by accident at the fledgling Jedi Academy on Ossus in 33 ABY.