Gently Falls the Bakula [Sudha Murty] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What is more important: a successful career or a happy marriage?. Shrimati and Shrikant are neighbours, whose families don’t get along too well. A tree of Bakula (a fragrant flower) seperates the two homes. Gently falls the Bakula is the story of Shrikant and Shrimati who belong to two hostile communities but fall in love with each other despite all.

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As the years go by, Shrikant gets more and more involved in his work, and it is only because of her shy, submissive and loving nature that Shrimati is able to put up with it. Nothing was more important to him than his work life.

Book review : Gently falls the bakula – LifeEventsObservation

A brilliant student Shrimati dedicates her life to shape the career of Shrimaan. I’d heard of the ‘Dollar Bahu’ by Sudha Murty, and when I chanced upon this small book, I thr to go ahead with it. The pressure and rage inside srimati intensified.

Your use of the site and services is subject to yhe policies and terms. And a good one at that. They are neighbours, share the same surname but their families do not get along with each other.

She gave all power and authority to Shrikant to behave with her like this, to take her for granted by giving up her everything for him and his success in bakul career.

Eventually, incidents start happening that remind her of what all she is and has been missing, and the true worth and meaning of happiness.

Gently Falls the Bakula

The sacrifices that she had to give for marital happiness become too much to bear, and she takes a strong decision, finally. But if you decide to continue reading it, the events and the rising action makes you sympathize with the central character Srimati. Shrikant and Shrimati are both star pupils of their school and next door neighbors whose properties are divided by a Bakula tree. Way too familiar now, you find such stories everywhere around you, the ambitions- sacrificed in the name of family, the discontent at not being able spend more time together but I must congratulate Sudha Murthy for writing this some thirty yea Gently Falls The Bakula- a story about a lower-middle class girl and a boy from a sleepy southern town of Hubli who fall in love and how the man’s career takes precedence over everything else.


Read on to know how Shrimati decides to live for her. Ever thought of these things?

Book review : Gently falls the bakula

Leave Your Comments Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I have always been very fond of keeping plants at home. Mar 15, Sameer rated it liked it.

The story is simple, a fallz too simple yet it’s touches a chord. Shrimati’s mother-in-law never accepted her. There fallx no discussion topics on this book yet. Jul 19, Radhika added it. Shrimati plays the ‘perfect wife’ in lieu of pursuing her passion and Shrikant rapidly and steadily climbs the corporate ladder, without realising that his family life is taking a hit.

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Gently Falls the Bakula | Sudha Murty | Book Review

I often wondered if one reason he ‘fell’ for her was so that he could show himself that no matter how many times she beat him in school, ultimately she is completely dependent on him, and a simple housewife while he has advanced to the one of the highest steps on the ladder. The beauty of her writing lies in its simplicity and in her ability to bring her characters to life.


But I have to admit that he did encourage Shrimati to pursue her Masters. His sister is the originator of this bluff, basically intended to put Shrimati in trouble. Apr 22, Harry b nair rated it it was amazing.

She just wants to have the love and attention of her husband, be accepted by her in-laws, and have a symbol of their love in a child. Add to Your books. She who willingly gives up her dreams is deprived of any other happiness by the one whom she sacrificed everything for.

Slowly bakulx two start drifting away. Though here we sympathize with Shrimati a lot than Srikant, I felt somewhere she is also responsible for his change in behavior. With the absence of children, the gaping hole of love in Shrimati’s life becomes all the more pronounced.

I am lucky enough to have a mother who has already taught me a lot of life lessons that this book teaches you, who has taught me how to handle my finances, how to carve out a separate identity, to never make sacrifices that I might regret later, but that’s because she and I are extremely close and she shares all her experiences with me.

Google Books — Loading Dec 05, jaadhimalli rated it really liked it. She had abkula up her ambition, the first love of her life, history. But she denied and kept postponing her plans. C6 1 fiction 3 Gently Falls The Bakula 1 i-own-this-book 1 Indian authors 1 read in 1 to-read 1.