Enter eBook. [1. S. W. Erdnase’s. The Expert at the Card Table. The Classic Treatise on Card Manipulation. This version is hosted at andnines. com. “Free Ebook: Learn How YOU Can Become an Expert At The Card Table!” The Expert At The Card Table by S.W. Erdnase is considred “the card men’s bible” by . Welcome! This subreddit is for sharing or discussing magic – close up, parlor, stage, busking, comedy, mentalism, or otherwise.

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The text of quite erdnae few great magic books, including the Expert at the Card table are in the public domain. Want to add to the discussion?

Free copy of The Expert At The Card Table

fdee Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Do NOT ask for secrets. Magic Meme for your magician memes. Playing cards for discussion about playing cards, in all shapes and sizes. Is this like youtube in some sort of way? It was alright so I started browsing through it and found out more about the book and it’s many editions.

It is available for free on the Learned Pig Project as well. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Cardistry for all extreme and normal card manipulation. Animals Reacting to Magic is just erenase.


Submit text – Do NOT ask for secrets! Magic subscribe unsubscribe 44, readers users here now Welcome! The mods of this sub are not the mods of mentalism.

Erdnase and not his full name because no one knows his real full name. Do not message us for access. The publisher of this edition has posted a free downloadable version frree everyone can have it so it’s not piracy.

I never said it was Erdnase’s official site. We want to make erdnaze the life of any party. If you run through their non-paypal checkout it’ll recognize that the total is zero and will push you through on until the end. Anyway – thought I’d pass it along Log in or sign up in seconds.

Those should be stickied if they’re good sources which I don’t doubt since this is the defacto text that everyone should have. Jul 5, The magazine is basically just an ‘advertising catalogue’ however – most of the products and services in it are ‘free’ or close to it.

Although for some reason the Lybrary still charges for it. Find Magicians in Your City. This content often copies current trends and restates information rather cree adding to the discussion.

I have the ebook along with the printed copy. You don’t need one. Originally Posted by Sir FansAlot.

Hey Steve, Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time accessing the Table of Contents. Yes, my password is: The line numbering will help direct readers to the proper section in the future.


FREE! The Expert at the Card Table by S. W. Erdnase (Conjuring Arts Free Book Club) : Magic

Hypnosis is a place to discuss technique, methodology, and experiences of hypnosis. The mods of this sub are not the mods of erdnasr. I was leaning towards thinking that magic literature shouldn’t be treated as public domain. Low erdnaee content is content that is typically created quickly and does not contribute to a discussion. Spectator asks to shuffle with a controlled card.

In when it was time to renew the copyright, Drake could not do it because he never owned the copyright to the book. Andrews because he was a known card cheat at around the time this book was published and SW Erdnase backwards is E S Andrews. Jon Rice Visit Homepage Find latest posts.

If you’re going to give a compliment, give one! Originally Posted by CMartucci. We strive to create the very best magical ftee the world has ever seen.