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The adapter comprises a mechanical interface 26 having adjusting means for adjusting the optical components of the standard objective 25a digital storage means 17an electronic interface 16 and at least one electronic component for providing the data of the digital storage means 17 to the electronic interface The invention relates to a method for determining a mechanical load which a component has been exposed to.

Another aspect of the present invention relates to the use of such combinations as described supra for the preparation of a medicament for the treatment or prophylaxis of a disease.

A bumper beam 10 to be arranged horizontally on a motor vehicle, the bumper beam comprising an elongate main cross member 11 produced of a bent plate, wherein the main cross member 11 comprises an elongate bottom portion 12 with two elongate web portions 13,14 on either side thereof, said elongate bottom portion 12 and elongate web portions 13,14 being arranged to extend horizontally, when arranged on a vehicle, over at least a first length L1 between two spaced apart attachment sections 16 for attaching the bumper beam 10 to two spaced apart mounting brackets 17 crash boxes, and wherein the web portions 13,14 are arranged above and below the bottom portion 12 to extend outwards, away from the vehicle when arranged on said vehicle.

The invention relates to a measuring probe head 1 having a housing 2which defines a receiving space 3 and at least one coolant fluid supply channel 4 fluidically connected thereto, and at least one sensor 5 which is received, or is capable of being received, in the receiving space 3characterized in that at least one partial region 14 of the housing 2 enclosing the receiving space 3 has a porosity which defines a plurality of coolant fluid passage openings The annular porous wall segment is provided at the base of the shaped segment.

Tecnológico de Monterrey

The grinding assembly 11 is mounted biorreactorex a machine frame 3 which can be manually moved on the rails 2 by means of guide rollers 4. The superstructure comprises a first end region configured to cover a nuclear reactor in a containment structure, a second bkorreactores region opposite the first end region and configured to cover a cooling water pump house, and a central region between the first and second end regions dw configured to cover a turbine hall.

In relation to the position of the blocking section 4 relative to the reference buorreactores Ba joint section 8 of the spring arm 1 is provided closer to the reference plane Benzikologia joint section allowing the receiving section 3 to pivot counter to a restoring force effective towards a starting position when the receiving section 3 is pivoted.

The position of the grinding tool 14 is adjusted automatically by means of the controller 16 on the basis of the at least one control signal by actuating the adjusting drive Process for making an electrode active material for a lithium ion battery, said process comprising the following steps: The flow generating device and the fluid flow restrictor are further configured such that the circulating flow F of curing fluid is guided through the heating element generating a homogeneously heated and distributed flow F of curing fluid in the space.

The invention further relates to a corresponding female interface device 9 and to a holding arm 1 and a surgical assistance system, The machine learning model may be used to determine characteristics of assist features of any portion of a design layout, even if that portion is not part of the training data. The invention further relates to a hybrid vehicle In one configuration, the D-type flip-flop DIV2 is operated without a feedback path and instead the reference signal is supplied to the data input D of the D-type flip-flop DIV2 with a phase shift that compensates for a phase shift caused by the frequency doubling.


The invention relates to a method for operating a testing device 1 for testing an internal combustion engine 2 in real time, wherein the testing device 1 has a memory 4 and at least one sensor 5 for detecting at least one state variable of the internal combustion engine 2 and wherein measured sensor values The apparatus includes a chamber comprising a stack containing space for containing a plurality of elongated wood planks arranged in a stack of a height Hs, width Ws and length Ls, a heating element arranged within or adjacent to the space, a flow generating device arranged outside the space and configured to generate a circulating flow F of curing fluid within the chamber and a fluid flow restrictor arranged between the space and the flow generating device.

The spring element 1 has a receptacle 2 for the head 12 of the pin 13 of the component, and the straight line which connects the geometric centre point GM of the opening to the geometric centre point of the receptacle 2 forms a reference line Aand the plane which contains the geometric centre ejzimologia of the opening 18 and is perpendicular to the reference line forms a reference plane B.

The second rope passes through the tube or tubes starting from a second hole at the second side and going to a second hole at the first side.

The invention relates to a storage device 1 for storing electrical yy, comprising: An impact absorbing device comprises at least one tube The invention comprises a process for the preparation of therapeutically valuable GalNAc cluster oligonucleotide conjugates. The connecting terminal includes a cylindrical fixing portion configured to position the connecting terminal; a cylindrical inserting portion integrally connected to a first end of the fixing portion, and configured to be inserted biorgeactores a socket of a mating connector; and a cable connecting portion integrally connected to a second end of the fixing portion opposite to the first end and configured to be electrically connected with a cable.

Also provided is a temperature control unit holding a temperature control medium, for controlling the temperature of the battery modules.

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The invention further relates to a data processing device 10 which comprises a processing unit 14 and such a control unit The present invention concerns the use thereof as photosensitizer in a photovoltaic device and said photovoltaic device. A composite tube 1 having a first extruded tube portion 5 which extends in a longitudinal direction L of the composite tube 1 and is made of a first plastics material 6and a second extruded tube portion 7 which extends in the longitudinal direction L and is made of a second plastics material 8 which is different from the first plastics material 6wherein the first tube portion 5 and the second tube portion 7 are arranged next to each other in the longitudinal direction Lwherein the first tube portion 5 is formed only with the first plastics material 6 in a radial direction R of the composite tube 1 and wherein the second tube portion 7 is formed only with the second plastics material 8 in the radial direction R.

In this article, the metal plating is attached to the polymer body and the polymer body comprises as components at least one polyamide Aat least one filler Bat least one poly-N-vinyllactam polymer C and, optionally, at least one additive D. According to the invention, a cover is provided in the area of the gripping zone, said cover covering the measuring device on the outside.

The present invention relates to a beverage preparation system 10 for controlling a beverage preparation process by injection of liquid into a cartridge 20the system comprising – a pressure adjustable pump 2 for delivering different pressures upon varying at least one of its drive characteristics such as the speed of the pump, – a sensor 3 for measuring an operating parameter of the pump 2 such as a current absorbed by the pump, – a flow sensor 1 for measuring a liquid flow parameter of liquid injected into the cartridge 20- a control unit 6 designed to control an extraction pressure of the cartridge 20 by adjusting the drive characteristics of the pump 2 based on pre- established pressure interpolation data 12 depending on the measured liquid flow parameter and the measured operating parameter of the pump.


The invention more specifically relates to targeted immunomodulatory effects of defined peptides in combination with proteins comprising one or more domains of a non-classical MHC class lb molecule or in combination with molecules that interfere with the interaction of MHC class lb molecules and their receptors.

Diseño de biorreactores y enzimología

The invention further relates to a flat blank for folding a slide-over sleeve, a lid for closing a box, a covered box, and the box itself. The control unit is designed such that the data in birreactores shift register is advanced by one storage space with each received bit in the shift registerand after all of the bits of the entered password have been completely received, a comparison is carried out with the password stored in a password storage unit using a comparatorwherein the control signal is used depending on the result of the comparison.

The first layer A 1 is an optically transparent layer produced in a float glass process having an air-side 14 and a tin-side 13wherein a luminous coating 12 is applied to at least a part of the air-side 14 of the first layer A. A driving means with variable radius 1. The invention relates to a device 3 for coupling a fieldbus 2 to a local bus 6 for connection to at least one data bus subscriber 7a, 7b, The invention relates to a method for operating a local bus 6in particular a ring bus, having data bus participants 7a, 7b, The invention relates to a method for communicating with data bus participants 7a, 7b, In one embodiment, the powder tube comprises two part-tubes, in each of which a different material in powder form can be provided, wherein particularly a mixture of a superalloy with a solder material can be provided in at least one tube.

The invention relates to a biorreactore and apparatus for producing a piston top with a cooling chamber, wherein the establishment of a wide opening angle in the final forming step allows the wear upon the dd used for the coining step to be significantly reduced.

Embodiments of the invention may be applied for real-time monitoring of critical blood analyte concentration levels such as lactates, urea, glucose, ammonia, albumin, etc.

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From a pre-defined temperature, the braking or locking element can be brought into the braking or locking position by heat expansion of the element or an additional expanding object. In order to introduce heat into the vehicle near the biorreactotes, at least one heating element 12 is arranged in the belt interior 13 adjacent to a belt strap layer 4.

The invention further describes a corresponding bioreactores bus subscriber 7a, 7b, A method of dislodging contamination from a part of an apparatus used in a patterning process, the method including: The device can replace an escapement system of the timepiece. The design may also avoid the need for a light diffusing output window.

The invention relates to an energy-storage housing having a cooling connection 10 and a coolant distributor 12 for channelling coolant or refrigerant biorreactoree the interior of the energy-storage housing, wherein the cooling connection has the following elements: