Bestseller Iles’s stellar third suspense novel to feature Penn Cage (after Turning Angel) finds the former prosecutor and bestselling novelist. From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Penn Cage series comes an electrifying thriller that reveals a world of depravity, sex, violence, and the. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. Bestseller Iles’s stellar third suspense novel to feature Penn Cage (after Turning Angel) finds the .

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That chapter was missing the hissing sound of the air brakes on a bus or a big truck, because it suddenly slowed the story down to a standstill much like a bus stopping at a railroad crossing. Greg Iles did not make a fan of me.

This time, our hero, Penn Cage is the Mayor at the midpoint of his term and questioning the wisdom of staying in office, Natchez, or even the South. I would recommend The Turning Angel as a superior audiobook over this installment in the series.

Book review: Greg Iles’s *The Devil’s Punchbowl*

Suspenseful and well written although I think Iles’ use of italics when Cage is not narrating is truly unnecessary. Another can’t put down book from Greg Iles. He holds in the smoke for an alarming amount of time, then speaks as he exhales. First, italicized writing can be difficult to read and several pages of it is simply annoying. I decide to dispense with small talk.

An avid animal lover, I just found this subject far to revolting to ever be able to consider it e Although a huge fan of Greg Iles, and especially enjoying the previous novels with the character of Penn Cage, had I known this book was about dogfighting I would never have bothered to pick it up. Also, the flaws in both an author’s style and the genre they write in begin to show themselves.

What he actually read, I realize, was my appraising glance. The characters in this book are not flippant when it comes to the treatment of animals.


His role as “deus ex machina” however is wearing a little thin. And lastly, I definitely appreciated the damsel in distress saving herself. Jul 04, Mike rated it liked it. I wanted to focus on the dishonest nature of these reviews, but that would be break my own code of conduct.

The Devil’s Punchbowl

One of the other travelers had finished with it and passed it on to me. The book also provides a window to international organized crime, particularly the Chinese variety and the strategies employed by the American justice system. But in its quest for new jobs and fresh money, Natchez, like other Mississippi towns, has turned to casino gambling, and now five steamboats float on the river beside the old slave market at Natchez, One of the boats is very different from the others.

More importantly, however, is why switch to third person in the first place. This typically happens in a dog-fighting scene. After graduating from the University of Mississippi inhe performed for several years with the rock band Frankly Scarlet and is a member of the lit-rock group The Rock Bottom Remainders.

My father and my lover at the time tried to save me from myself, but I would not be swayed. Part of the problem was that while Dick Hill was an excellent reader in The Turning Angel, and here his voice kept fading out at various parts of the story, usually when he was reading Penn’s role.

The bad guys get everything they deserve and then some. The fact is that, since my first Greg Iles read, I’ve probably read at least books by other authors since this most recent title.

Some of the violence is almost comic-book in its intensity. However, when Gref turns up dead and his house has been trashed he realizes that he is up against an organization that will kill anyone that gets in the way of their activities. It’s long, but I can’t think that it would work better if abridged. He wasn’t afraid to write about things that are completely horrific without sugar coating them. As with the other books, there are crazy things happening all over the place, and it kept me reading late at night.


My highest pucnhbowl recommendation. Having said that, I’ll conclude my review by copying what I wrote in a message to a fellow animal loving friend, who warned me to stay away from this book because of the violence, especially the violence to animals: Jul 04, Scott rated it really liked it. I didn’t care for the mercenaries that Penn managed to bring in. People like Seamus Quinn and his boss Jonathan Sanders are the epitome of ruthless operatives of which Cage must contend.

Aug 14, Kellie rated it it was amazing Shelves: I also hate the feeling that I came in the middle of a series.

It’s about not quitting. How his team defends the virtue, and lives of the populace of Greg Iles takes us back to Natchez, MS for a tale about total evil infecting the city from dwvil new riverboat casino.

Now all four gates are chained shut at dusk. The reader enters the casino world with its ancillary activities of money laundering, dog fighting, and political control, and if anyone threatens their agenda they seem to disappear if they stand in dvil way of what they are trying to achieve.

The Devil’s Punchbowl (Penn Cage #3) by Greg Iles

From there the listener follows a complicated, but interesting trail into money laundering, corruption, and illegal dog fighting. Now, Natchez is is still a city struggling to survive. Iles creates a powerful polemic against gambling and all the vices attendant to it. So, keep your eyes and ears open for any news.

His characters are believable and well textured. An avid animal lover, I just found this subject far to revolting to ever be able to consider it punchbwol in any way, shape or form.