Download a datasheet on Toshiba TCBP CMOS Logic ICs Standard series. TOSHIBA CMOS DIGITAL INTEGRATED CIRCUIT SILICON MONOLITHIC The TCB is the 6-circuit inverter having the Schmitt. B Inverters . ON Semiconductor, Inverters V CMOS Hex Schmitt Trigger. Datasheet, 9, Toshiba, Inverters CMOS Logic 6 Ch mA 60ns 18V.

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Integrated Circuit CMOS Hex Schmitt Trigger DIP14

Tue May 27, 8: Cookies help 484 provide services. Jan 29, Posts: Share it with us. Tue May 27, 9: They are pin for pin the same in all other respects. Products Favorites Products with my label Watchdog Compared products 0.

F ounded in Report a bug Compared products 0. View unread posts View new posts in the last week Mark the topic unread:: My CMOS book lists the as “6 Schmitt Trigger Inverters” Then it has the as “Hex Schmitt Trigger” but the internal gate diagram has “nots” on each gate In the Jaycar catalogue the is listed as a substitute for the Cool, thanks Adam-V and Luka, just wated to make sure I’m not going completely crazy!


Yet the data sheet for the only sites the as a substitute. I only had a quick look at the diagram on the Motorola data sheet and didn’t realise it wasn’t laid out as they are physically laid out in the package.

CMOS – CMOS – Six inverting schmitt trigger

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Integrated Circuit 4584, CMOS, Hex Schmitt Trigger, DIP14

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Valuable comments will be rewarded. The data sheet for the does call it a package of inverters!

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Thu May 29, 8: By using our services you consent to the use of cookies. My apologies, you are absolutely right.

Jul 11, Posts: Dedicated to cmoa electro-acoustic and electronic music. They are indeed pin for pin compatible. But, again, looking at the pinouts on those data sheets, they are pin for pin identical!