Caparol Amphibolin – Emission-minimised, solvent-free, universal paint of the latest generation. For exterior and interior use. Product color: Caparol Amphibolin (universal). The pictures of the goods may not correspond to the actual appearance, color, size or shape of the goods and. Reinacrylat Caparol Amphibolin. Reinacrylat Caparol Amphibolin. Details. 1. Firms Using This Brand. Is this your brand?.

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Slightly absorbent, smooth surfaces can be directly coated.

Product Code Paints and Enamels Amphibolin: Thin film coating, texture-retaining. Prime highly porous, sanding or absorbent surfaces with OptiGrund or CapaSol.

Do not empty into drains, water courses or into the ground. If more than one bucket is manually tinted, all product must be thoroughly mixed before use in order to avoid colour differences. Remove by washing and prime with Caparol-Tiefgrund TB. May produce an allergic reaction.


Remove coverings of mould by wet cleaning. Matt, slightly absorbent coatings can be treated without a preliminary preparation.

Concrete surfaces with deposits of dirt or fines layer must be cleaned, either mechanically or by using high-pressure water jet, in compliance with the regulations. Facades in special climatic conditions high degree of moisture or subjected to a higher influence of atmospheric exposure: Prime and strengthen soft gypsum areas repairs with Caparol-Tiefgrund TB. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. A permanent protection cannot be guaranteed. We will send the goods in working days.


Amphibolin: Caparol

This product contains max. First or Intermediate Coat: Prime slightly absorbent up to non-absorbent substrates with CapaGrund Universal. Only absorbent clinker bricks of frost resistant quality and free of foreign inclusions are suitable for exterior coatings.

Boards containing water-soluble, discolouring substances that leave marks must be primed with Caparol AquaSperrgrund. Amphibolin Universal acrylic paints for versatile exterior and interior use.

Particular attention should be made to re-moving wastage from site in compliance with standard construction site procedures. The special formula reduces the writing effect for tinted paint coatings. Heavy-duty, scrub resistant, texture preserving interior paint.

Then use Capatox or FungiGrund and allow to dry well. Adverse weather conditions, influenced e. Anza designed for all products that are suitable handle-extenders. An additional priming coat of CapaGrund Universal must be applied. Prime with Caparol-Tiefgrund TB. For heavy-duty, scrub resistant, texture-retaining interior paint coatings.

Caparol Amphibolin – Baushop

The “wet adhesion promoter”, embedded in Amphibolin as demonstrated in our laboratory test on glass plates, prevents the swelling up of binding agent in extremely moist conditions, so that the coatings are permanently prevented from blistering and flaking. Amphiboli brown discolouration appears on this first coat, then recoat with solvent-based facade paint Duparol.


Stir and sieve well before airless application. Thin film coating, texture preserving. Unpainted Wooden Parts of Unstable Shape: Clean utensils immediately after use with soap and water. Diffusion-equivalent air layer thickness s d CO 2. Allow the substrate to dry well and prime with Dupa-grund.

Caparol Amphibolin

Heavy-duty, scrub resistant, texture preserving interior paint. Clean the surface with an ammonia-potash based wetting agent. The risk of calcareous efflorescence is reduced by an additional priming coat of CapaGrund Universal and the ampuibolin finishing render may be coated after a holding time of 7 days. Tinting may cause variations.