The Armadillo is a sidemount specific rig, with integral buoyancy compensator and limited adjustment harness. Armadillo CCR Side mount System. Armadillo CCR side mount kit provides attachment points for carrying ultimately streamlined bailout bottles. The basic setup. Sidemount is a scuba diving equipment configuration which has scuba sets mounted alongside .. In Brett Hemphill designed the Armadillo Side- Mount Harness. The Armadillo innovated several features that would be utilized in many.

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In single cylinder diving there is seldom a reason to shut a cylinder valve while diving, and there is no need for changing cylinders or managing different gases. Both hoses face towards the tank rearward and were unobtrusive.

By comparison, the rebreather easily gives me as much time and more if I can stand the cold and is depth independent. If using Loop bungees, then D-rings located at the wing-waist attachment point are probably sufficient.

Click Here to rate this product. Rather, siddmount harness and wing wrap around the diver giving a very streamlined profile in the water.

Cold-water rigs are also more likely to offer integrated buoyancy redundancy. Training and gear configurations relative to cave diving have undergone many changes since their conception, and sidemounting is no different.

The cord is pulled tight and a knot is tied into the bungee securing the clip close to the cam strap. I found I was a bit light, but was able to stay down without too much difficulty in fsw. Regular regulator switching also helps to confirm that both left and right-side regulators remain fully functional. Carrying weight on the back is less stressful on the spine than carrying it admadillo one side when out of the water, so for carrying a single cylinder, a backpack-style backmount BCD can be more comfortable.


It is simple, strong, rugged, reliable, low profile and extremely minimalist in design. Huntrods all rights reserved last updated: There are also a number of stand-alone components on the market. Attaching triple cylinders Triple cylinders can also be used by mounting a single cylinder on your back and side mounting two cylinders under your arms. Attaching the cylinder bungee to the cylinder valve Fig. Properly reposition the harness on your back.

Armadillo Sidemount Exploration Harness S – Short

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Underwater diving procedures Diving equipment configurations.

The standard arrangement for sidemount is that all cylinders are independent, and each is provided with a single demand valve, an SPG, and on one or two, a low pressure inflator hose for buoyancy compensator and, if used, the drysuit. Also, the tanks can be sidemounf to attach by just clipping the butt clip then looping the bungees over the tank valves.

Slide it over the waist strap. The risk of dropping fins or a tank is quite high, and I did lose grip on one tank. To attach the cylinder bungee to the cylinder valve: In rougher conditions, aramdillo can be prepared for hand-off below the surface and quickly passed to boat crew or attached to a line for later retrieval.

The sidemount diver typically operates two independent tanks for ‘bottom gas’ during a dive. The Sea Monster is another Polish manufactured sidemount adapter. Not Yet Known Manual: The regulators were a bit more work, but not much. See the diagram below for a suggested regulator configuration.

Most sidemount accessories will be appropriate to the diving environment and task, as is generally the case for scuba diving. When diving in remote locations, the transportation of single diving cylinders, especially by hand, may be less physically taxing.

Keep the strap loose.

Side Mount Rigs | Cave Diving Down Under

A looser bungee system allows for more lift when wearing a wetsuit and a tighter bungee system pulls the wings in for a more streamlined system and less lift when wearing a dry suit. After ensuring the Armadillo fit well and was adjusted properly on land I went to work on the other parts of the rig – armdillo, regulators and weighting.


Sdemount on the surface can be easier either with backmount or with sidemount, depending on requirements. The bladder is separate from the under-lying harness and secures to the diver with torso bungees. This Italian manufactured sidemount is of minimalist design with a triangular wing. Again, all I had was a standard LP whip. Soft backplate constructed of denier ballistic nylon. After today’s successful dive I doubt I’ll go that route either.

Performance Development for Technical Divers. Remote dive locations seldom have double cylinders available for technical diving, but often have a large supply of single cylinders that can be easily converted into side mount tanks.

These training courses then develop core diving skills that are specifically relevant to sidemount equipment usage — namely: Remove the harness and weave the buckle into place see the diagram below. Some divers will testify that sidemount diving configuration offers greater stability and easier-to-attain trim and control in the water. It armaadillo comes with a double 4. That was one long walk, and I doubt I’ll be doing that again! Therefore the dive is turned when either cylinder drops to two thirds of total capacity.

Bend over and retrieve the crotch strap loop. Ninety-degree elbow adapters can be used on the second stage regulators to prevent jaw fatigue from sharp hose angles. This helps to protect the connection point–where the low-pressure inflator enters the BCD–from impacting or rubbing along the cave surface in tight restrictions.