The integrated TTL (74LS48) is a BCD decoder/driver to seven segments common cathode display. QEA. ACTIVE. CDIP. J. 1. TBD. A N / A for Pkg Type. to QE. A. SNJAJ. QFA. ACTIVE. CFP. W. 74LS48, 74LS48 Datasheet, 74LS48 pdf, buy 74LS48, 74LS48 BCD to 7- Segment Decoder.

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74LS48 Datasheet

This is standard and is shown in the SN datasheet: How to connect decoder to 7-segment display? Wierd smartphone is comming alive Posted by Bobvayne in forum: When you connect the LED, the leg that is normally connected to ground should be connected to dataheetthe leg that is normally connected to voltage source should be connected to voltage source.

When I connect an input, id LEDs doesn’t form numbers but they light up randomly. A high output is intended to light the segment. Posted by praondevou in forum: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Then just map the pins correctly again, from datasheet: Nov 20, 2. Further, this really old chip saved a few transistors by not fully decoding inputs above 0x09, so 0x0A. I am sure the guys who made this IC knew what they were doing, but my question is why are the outputs exactly opposite of what you would expect.

This is adequate for asserting a datashedt HI to other TTL logic chips, but it is not very good for driving other things. To build a simple digital counter, consider using the decade counter.


Before you go looking for obsolete ICs, show us your circuit diagram datassheet we can offer a solution. Nov 20, 3.

7447 IC is wierd!

Quote of the day. Posted by iMayne in forum: However, if pins are limited on the microcontroller, it 77448 be advantageous to use ICs in a multiplexing fashion to drive the 7-segment displays. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count. Nov 20, 6. You need to tie them to appropriate logic levels RBI should be ‘0’ if you want to display a zero.

Nov 23, 8, 6, I have learnt about the and I’ve connected a decoder to 7-segment display as shown in figure. I might have some or chips laying around let me see though In this method, the microcontroller would send BCD binary coded decimal on 4 output pins to the dztasheet.

(PDF) 7448 Datasheet download

Pin 5 should go to GND. Common cathodemeaning the negative connection of all of the LEDs is tied together. Each segment on a 7-segment display is designated a datashete A-G. Feb 19, 4, Nov 20, 4. Yes, my password is: The decimal point indicator on this volt-meter as well as the colons “: Oct 28, 2.

It was designed to sink current when using common anode 7-segments LED.

BCD to 7-Segment Decoder and Driver (For Common Cathode)

All segments are extinguished when a low logical zero signal is applied to pin 4 OUT. The difference in voltage between pin and the voltage source is too small to dafasheet up the LED, so there is no voltage drop across the LED or the drop is very small and no current flow.


Nov 20, Datasgeet above, is an example application of the 74LS48 7-seg decoder circuit. Do you already have an account? For example here is the table to display the number 1. Mar 31, 23, 7, You May Also Like: Then just map the pins correctly again, from datasheet:.

And, to bring things full circuit, the reason that TTL uses predominantly active LO drives is that particularly the early TTL families has significantly strong current-sinking capabilities than they had current-sourcing capabilities. If you just checked the output voltage of unloaded 5V TTL signals when they were HI it was not uncommon to see them in the 3.

Other than a little more conditional logic connections and a few more stages, there’s nothing stopping you from building a full digital clock with hours, minutes, and seconds. A line selector an additional output line on the microcontroller could select which chip to target and cycle through the set of displays to produce the overall numeric output.

If I am reading it right. The is obsolete. Like the other two most popular answers, your 7 segment display 74448 to be connected to the properly Outputs to Seven-segment display inputs: