Buscando conocer mas sobre Ley de Politica Habitacional LPH en Venezuela? No Busques Mas aqui esta todo lo que necesitas Saber. (Philippe); L.P.H. Leenen (Luke); K.W. Wendt (Klaus); F.W. Bloemers (Frank); Full Text Available Se consultó la bibliografía actualizada para ofrecer una. En Gaceta Oficial, fueron publicados los nuevos montos para créditos habitacionales. Para la adquisición de vivienda principal, se estableció.

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Traumatic pancreas damage is a rare and difficult diagnosis.

¿Quiere Saber Cómo Cotizar LPH en Venezuela?

One hundred and two of all patients were evaluated by contrast enhanced CT scan actualizaa 31 underwent laparotomy. The most debatable issue is the management tactics in splenic injury associated with the formation of subcapsular hematoma. This study is designed to provide a new scoring system for a better diagnosis of IAI after blunt trauma. The operated cases were mostly complicated by wound infection Only two of the deaths were the result of sepsis originating from the perforated bowel.

This study aimed to identify the factors that determine splenectomy in patients with isolated splenic injuries, with a view to increasing the rate of splenic preservation. Of 67 patients who received NOM, 58 were successful and 9 showed failure 8 hemodynamic instability, 1 hollow viscera injury. Report of two cases.

No postoperative complications occurred, being discharged on actualizzada 5. A high index of suspicion and careful physical examination are key in making the diagnosis. Gastrointestinal hollow viscus injury after blunt chest and abdominal trauma is uncommon and complicates 0.

Diagnostic tools that help in optimum management of blunt abdominal trauma include; Focussed Assessment Sonography for Trauma scan, Diagnostic peritoneal lavage and Computed Actyalizada scan. Significant determinants of splenectomy were grade of splenic injury, hierarchy of the surgeon, and hierarchy of the assistant.


Five routine intraperitoneal spaces as well as the interloop space were examined by ultrasound in order to find free fluid. Screening ultrasonography is highly reliable in the setting of blunt abdominal trauma after earthquake.

If the colonic perforation is present as a solitary injury, signs of peritoneal iritation are easier to recognize and they lead xctualizada further evaluation and operation. Ultrasonography had a sensitivity of Although abdominal organ injuries are uncommon in soccer, emergency medicine and primary care physicians must be aware of the possibility.

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CT can provide a rapid and accurate appraisal of the abdominal viscera, retroperitoneum and abdominal wall, as well as a limited assessment of the lower thoracic region and bony pelvis. Localized fluid collection of hepatic bare area in children with blunt abdominal trauma.

The incidence of renal artery injury and intrathoracic kidney is quite low in patients who present with blunt trauma experiencing damage. Though a number of CT findings of bowel and mesenteric injuries in blunt abdominal trauma are described in literature, no studies on the specific CT signs of a transected bowel have been published. Additionally, in our cases, abdominal CT examination was more diagnostic than ultrasound examination. These patients were 2 boys 5 and 6-year-old and one girl 8-year-old who after blunt abdominal trauma admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain and symptoms of acute abdomen and appendectomy had been done for them.

The results of the different evaluated methods were compared using the sensitivity and specificity. In hemodynamically unstable blunt trauma patients, with clear physical findings on examination, the decision for exploratory laparotomy should not be distracted by a negative FAST.

The liver is the most common organ injured in blunt abdominal trauma followed by the spleen. Computerized tomography evidenced aerial distension in small bowel, gastric stasis and hidro-pneumothorax.


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Patients were excluded if a CT was unavailable in the medical record. Intraabdominal fluid collection was observed in Actaulizada the patients and was most clearly detectable by ultrasound and computed tomography. Overall, five children proved to have a pancreas transection on CT scans or during laparotomy. Full Text Available Nonoperative management of blunt abdominal trauma is the treatment of choice for hemodynamically stable patients.

It is necessary to emphasize that the conservative treatment of such splenic injury implies a persisting risk of double-stage splenic rupture with following intra- abdominal bleeding. CT abdomen is more useful in stable patients. We performed a retrospective study of consecutive CT scans over a period of 12 months to determine the incidence of isolated FF and the clinical outcome of patients managed in a large metropolitan trauma service.

abdominal blunt trauma: Topics by

Conventional radiogramsare often inadequate for diagnosing this subsetof trauma. Management of isolated duodenal rupture can be difficult. Only eight needed a laparatomy because of cardiovascular instability and the laparatomy confirmed the ultrasound findings.

Dpl was followed up by laparatomy. Demographic data, mechanism of traumamanagement and outcome were studied.

Computerized tomography was also performed. The severity of the post-splenectomy syndrome is currently well known blood loss, sepsisso there is an increasing tendency to preserve the spleen.