Hot Racing Losi Mini LST aluminum rear knuckle MLT $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Revised one peace rear knuckle, just like the big brother LST 2. Hit the roads, terrain with the Losi Mini LST2 radio controlled truck. Boasted with Losi radio system along with Spektrum GHz DSM technology, you can run. 1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR LOSB Losi Electric Cars and Trucks Horizon Hobby.

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Blue-anodized T6 aluminum.

Rear Arm Assembly Lsh Drivetrain Axle The rear suspension arms are positioned in the same direction as the front arms, and function just the same with the main difference being the springs that are used on the shocks. I had no issues and was olsi to leave them at the center position. This was adult owned.

From the moment you pull the Mini-LST out of the box, you’ll be stunned with the attention to detail. The twin motors can really throw the truck into the air. I started hitting the larger dirt ramps in the backyard, and the truck managed to get a little air off of it.

While the truck didn’t quite clear the tabletop completely, the way it took to the air and landed reminded me so much of a larger vehicle it was uncanny. Hinged Skid Plate Design this allows the bumper to fold, and then spring back to its original position. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

As I mentioned earlier a 4mm axle stub passes through a pair of 4x8x3mm bearings that are housed in the steering hub. DSM technology offers numerous benefits over traditional systems: See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

Losi: Support: Customer, Product, Website.

So truck maintenance and parts replacement should be a breeze. I guess that was my fault. The differential consists of a plastic housing as well and plastic ring and pinion gears. Nice little truck, when I got it, the shock was leaking but it was taken minni of by Losi immediately. Unfortunately the mini LST2 just sucks.

Team Losi has set the bar, and in the upcoming year this will be the standard against which other minis are now judged!


Six months from now, you wouldn’t be able to keep any moisture on the track no matter how hard you tried. When Losi packaged the Mini-LST one of the thoughts that was first and foremost in their mind was to have a model that was as complete as possible.

It takes a little time to get used to the difference, when compared to other radios I’ve experienced. You’ll just need mkni complete a few minor tasks before taking it out for a spin. I have lsf one comment against the Mini-LST at this point and it is directed at the charger. Upon first glance it appears that the toe angle cannot be adjusted. The body comes in a total of three colors that have a metallic finish to them. This upgraded mini-monster truck features a 7.

So they figured that a battery and charger was a natural addition to the box. These high-strength gears allow the lsst to be transferred to the ground efficiently, while increasingt the lifespan of the drivetrain. The Mini-LST cleared it beautifully, flying fairly nice and level.

Losi Mini LST2 Monster RTR Radio Controlled Truck

Since the Mini-LST is electric, the big hole for a nitro motor’s head is gone, lksi has been replaced with a mockup of a toolbox. I bought one of these because I’ve owned the losi Micro and Mini-T and both were a blast and were super durable. In order to harness the intense power of the twin-motor drivetrain, Losi designed solid metal ring and pinion differential gears for each of the three differentials.

If you have trouble tweaking or breaking pieces in your suspension then replace your knuckles with th DSM Radio System and Redesigned Electronics Equipped with a genuine DSM technology radio system for interference-free, crystal-free control, this innovative radio system allows you to run your Mini-LST2 with other vehicles anywhere, anytime, without worrying about interference ldt changing crystals. Should you want to increase the toe-out angle, they can be trimmed to allow further adjustment.

The scaled down realism is in place, as well as an excellent component list.

The plastic A-shaped part is a battery brace that helps retain the included battery pack once it’s installed. The plastic Dubro tube just seemed much more flexible overall. This truck is poised to shake up the RC world in much the same manner the Mini-T did a few years ago. It was a little tougher than it appeared at first, as the tire’s bite on the pavement enhanced steering precision dramatically, but after a few runs I got used to the sensitive nature of the truck and could hit the stack dead on.


All of the pictures and information contained within the www. However to combat this, the Mini-T’s ball differential can be fitted into the truck. I used a Dubro cap, which is part number The exact time will depend upon the state of discharge the battery is in. I had to work pretty hard, and drive pretty poorly, to upset the truck’s balance through this section.

In fact it’s the same as the Mini-T. At the rear of the motors, a wiring harness allows you to easily separate one or both motors from the ESC if it becomes necessary. A scaled down shock tower supports the over-sized for a mini shocks, while tying into the chassis plate at the lower end. I first headed to the driveway to get a feel for the truck in general.

You’ll want to charge your battery, and then place it in your truck. It should go through fairly easily after you’ve run it between your fingers to straighten it. The oil-filled shocks are the single most factor in the exceptional handling here, as any vehicle with friction shocks would have been much more twitchy through this part of the track.

Team Losi Mini LST Parts, Upgrades & Aluminum Hop-Ups | AsiaTees | Online RC Hobby Store

It all loosi to be in really good condition with no problems noted. I did run into one minor issue while running in the backyard.

However, the jumps are simply about worn down, so there’s not a lot of kick up from them anyway.