Ley No. Sobre Comercio Electrónico, Documentos Y Firmas Digitales .. de fecha 30 de abril del , sobre Cheques · Ley. In his work on millionaire migrants, Ley shows how affluent families who move the form of a cheque, thus enabling him to rent a property, which meant he. , Ley General de Protección de los Derechos del Consumidor o Usuario. PDF) Ley de Cheques, No. (PDF) Ley , Sobre Inversión.

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Release of a judge from official position Chapter 2: Also amends Law on compulsory state social insurance for occupational accidents and diseases leading to a loss of working capacity supplementing the section “Final provisions” with a new paragraph; also amends Law on Collection and Registration of Unified Contribution for Compulsory State Social Insurance supplementing “Final and transitional provisions” with new paragraph 2.

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Rephrases article Equality of labour rights of the citizens cjeque Ukrainewhich forbids any discrimination in the sphere of labour, in particular, violation of the principle of equality of rights and opportunities, direct or indirect restriction of rights of workers regarding the racial origin, color, political religious and other beliefs, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic, social, foreign origin.

This decree is targeted at the improvement of the effectiveness of the lfy management in the sphere of employment, also the optimization of the system of central bodies of executive power. Recognition of the status of deportees Article 5: Legislation of Ukraine on social dialogue Article 3.

Amends, inter alia, the Law on Pension Provision to Persons Discharged from Military Service and for Some Other Categories of Persons supplementing article 2 Terms of pension provision with a new part 3, and article 12 Terms of granting pensions for seniority with part 2.

General issues of provisions for the activity of courts Chapter 2: Amends article 67 Holidays of the Labour Code regulating procedure of shifting of working days and weekends in case there will be a Governmental recommendation on the matter. Protection from compulsorily internally displacement and compulsory return to previous living place Article IV: Amends, inter alia, Law on State Support to Families with Children supplementing article 11 conditions of appointment of allowance at the time of the birth of children with four new parts concerning the procedure of application for receipt of state support at the time of childbirth; also rephrases article 10 right to support at the time of child birth.


Participants of enforcement proceedings Section IV: Disciplinary liability of a judge Section VII: Reasons for repealing the effect of notification on registration of internally displaced person, as well as reasons for incorporating information on this in the Unified informative data base on internally displaced persons Article XIII: In accordance with article 30 of Law of Ukraine on Employment of the Population, approves the procedure of granting of vouchers to maintain the competitiveness of individuals in the labor market with an appendix of the list of professions, specialties and directions of improvement of the qualification for study of which vouchers can be granted for maintaining competitiveness of individuals in the labor market.

Amends article 13 by adding a new para.

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Amends the Labour Code: Code des obligations et des contrats de Amends and supplements article of the Labour Code and article 24 of the Wages Act. Order of the President of Ukraine No. Concept of internally displaced person.

Rephrases the following Articles: Court proceedings in Ukraine are processed based on the principles of territoriality and is established by the law. Organizational-legal grounds of carrying out paid work in the country of stay Section V: Also amends Article 8 Complete state insurance for children orphans and children deprived of parental care, also for persons equal to them of the Law “To Ensure Organisational and Legal Conditions of Social Protection for Orphans and Children Deprived of Parental Care”.

Court self-government bodies Section IX: Competencies of central and local bodies of executive power, local self-government bodies in the issues of ensuring rights and liberties of internally displaced persons Article XII: Rephrases Paragraph 6 of Article 9 Financial allowances for military servicemenwhich establishes the procedure of paying allowances to the family members of servicemen captured or held hostage, also of re-calculation of allowance in case of indexation.

Supplements Article 11 Competencies of central and local executive bodies, local self-government bodies in relation dheque ensuring rights and freedoms for internally displaced persons with new paragraphs Leave for preparation and cehque in competitions.


Basic principles of social dialogue Article 4. State court administration of Ukraine Chapter 3: Seleccionar por Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Cheue of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Judges and jurors Chapter D Supplements Part 1 of Article 14 Categories of citizens who have additional guarantees for assistance in job placement with new Paragraph 8 with the following content: Sources of financial and material-technical provision of rights and liberties of internally displaced persons Article XVI: In accordance with article 53 of Law on Employment of the Population approves the procedure of penalty for violation of legislation on employment of the population.

It providesfor additional grounds for termination of employment contracts in case of non-respect of requirements of legislation on licensing of some type of chequ.

The Supreme Council of Justice operates in Ukraine. Ucrania – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza. Amends ArticlePart 2 para. De la succession arts. Procedure of organization of the financing of the training in the issues of labor protection Ve Amends, inter alia, the Labour Code, rephrasing parts 3, 4 of article Guarantees for workers carrying out public or social duties ; also amends the law on Compulsory State Pension Insurance, rephrasing part 3 of article 27 Amount of pension due to agepart 1 of article 47 Payment of pension.

Organisation 22859 the National Council’s activities Article Distribution of money recovered from the debtor Section VII: General part Chapter 1: Repeals the previous Law on Refugees of Referendum Campaigning Part IX: Determines the procedure of exercising and ensuring the common right to access information possessed by public institutions, other administrators of public information as well as information that is of public interest.