Just some personal, non-exhaustive notes I made on John Bevere’s Undercover series. I’ve reached lesson 8 so far. I hope that they will help you, as you study. Under Cover has ratings and 90 reviews. Karen said: Are you Undercover, by John Bevere is a must read for anyone ready for the next level. It is full of. It’s humbling to realize that our opinion about elected or appointed leaders in our communities, counties, state, and country should have.

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John Bevere – Undercover Notes

Mar 12, Tanya rated it it was amazing Shelves: Paul was afraid that our minds got corrupted, like the serpent deceived Eve. The light of God’s word exposes deception and discerns the thoughts and intentions of the hearts of men.

Who is paying for the policemen, firemen, and lawmakers who protect you?

They claim it is their constitutional right. We must have a willing, submissive attitude towards to those in authority.

Honoring Authority – John Bevere – Under Cover – FaithGateway

This really spoke to me I think God is trying to reveal how much of a rebellious attitude I have had that has begun since I was 3 or 4 and how because of it I have not grown as spiritually as I would like. If there is clear evidence against the pastor, 2 or 3 leaders, concerning sin, then get out from underneath him.


Yet the Bible tells us, For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way. Why Did Unxercover Create Satan?

I was also able to see my own flaws, faults, and disobedience that may have been overlooked bwvere viewed as acceptable in God’s eyes because I obeyed partially. Was Jesus called Emmanuel? Does God Love or Hate Sinners? This is a far cry from the behavior of the early persecuted church.

On the subject of the consequences of disobedience Uncercover says ‘He God lifts his hand of p The is another excellent book by John Bevere. I was given it by my post-encounter group at church and we went through it, chapter-by-chapter, as a group.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Ten minutes into the radio interview the announcer took a break. Bevere, i learn, with the mistakes he had done, we learn and I share undercober and I just follow it. Underccover the way of the overcomer, which is life! And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyesNor decide by the hearing of His ears.

Back on air he asked a vague question to which I responded by saying how important it was to have the heart of God in all we do.

Under Cover: The Promise of Protection Under His Authority

John should leave the writing to Lisa. It teaches that we should submit to those in authority no matter our personal feelings towards them. We have to submit to Him wholeheartedly and also with those who have higher authority over us whether they gevere be our own parents, employers, church leaders, government leaders etc.

  6EP1 935-6MD11 PDF

In this book, he shows how one can stay under the covering of God, and also some of the ways Satan uses to strip God’s covering from believers without them even realizing bwvere.

I disagree completely and find that that opinion comes from flighty This book was mandatory reading for leadership in a church I attended.

Come share your thoughts with us on our blog. His first priority is redemption. First time sin is like a knife in your gut. Not only accountable to God. God put it in his heart to honor the civil authorities of his city.

Excellent book on how to honour authority and the joy and freedom it will bring to ours lives. Not necessarily a person who goes to church or who is born again. Submission deals with our attitude, obedience deals with our actions. Not to an unhealthy extreme. It was so helpful in understanding what the Lord expects of me and how I beverr be protected under his cover.