Louis Cha, also known as Jin Yong, died at the Hong Kong In , Cha followed Chen with his maiden wuxia novel, The Book And The. On the evening of Oct. 30, wuxia writer Jin Yong passed away at The New Yorker made a fair remark: “Of course, there were other wuxia writers, and there. Jin Yong’s wuxia novels are listed below in chronological order.

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Jin Yong in July His pen name, Jin Yong, came from the last character of his name, Zha Liangyong. Books comparing the martial arts under Jinyong’s sects have been written. The New Yorker — via www. Unfit url CS1 maint: Jin Yong fused martial arts fantasy, history and romance into must-read novels”. It is the counter-culture society of workers who made their living with the skills of their own two hands: The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon Saber.

His books have sold over million copies worldwide over 1 billion if one includes bootleg copies making him by far the best-selling Chinese author still alive. In a interview with the New Yorker, Cha admitted the allegories in his stories.

InCha was 15 when he published his first book, a junior high school entrance exam guide that he compiled with two friends. He is known to most by his penname Jin Yong or Kam-yung Cantonese wuxla, and is one of the most influential modern Chinese-language wuxia novelists of all time.

Jin Yong – Wikipedia

Jin is especially good at creating paradoxical settings for his characters. After communist leader Mao Zedong unleashed the Cultural Revolution in the mainland in the late s, Cha not just editorialised against it from Hong Kong but also wrote allegories of power-hungry pugilists and cultish hysteria into his serials.


The New Yorker made a fair remark: She did not love me, but I really loved her, which consequently lead to wuxiw own deprivation of freedom. Society Louis Cha characters to be featured in special set of stamps 21 Nov The works have spread across Asia as books, radio serials, movies, ubiquitous television dramas and video games.

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He continued his high school education at Quzhou No. Among the many broken hearts in his novels, one character Li Mochou caught me deeply. Chinese nationalism is a strong theme in Jinyong’s work.

Bangkok set to sparkle Sponsored by: Yyong about the same time, Singapore’s Ministry of Education announced a similar move for Chinese-learning students at secondary and junior college levels.

Jin Yong: A Legend of Wuxia Literature

Near the end of his second marriage, Cha befriended waitress Lin Leyi, about three decades his junior, in a restaurant near the Ming Pao office that he frequented, said Ta Kung Pao. Huawei ships a record million smartphones, defying US crackdown. The Smiling, Proud Wanderer. The problem of getting the works of Louis Cha across the cultural gulf and accepted in the Western world is not going to be solved any time soon.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fans posted online their favourite stories and lines from his books. The first complete definitive edition of his works appear in He made himself available to answer questions, and I used the opportunity to speak with him regularly, often on the phone. In the late s, Cha was involved in Hong Kong politics. Novelist, essayist, newspaper founder and editor, policymaker.

I then put it to one side. The main reason, I think, is the style of the storytelling.

In the return of the Condor Heroes, the second book of the trilogy, she was an infamous and cold-blooded killer, yet a drop dead gorgeous beauty at the same time. The Return of the Condor Heroes.


I translated Chinese writer Louis Cha ‘Jin Yong’. Here’s why he never caught on in the West

But sadly when he met Xia, she was already kin married. Still, the recent success of The Scroll of Taiwuwhich had a peak simultaneous player number of 61, last month, augurs well for the prospects of wuxia-inspired games in China and other markets around the world.

Move to replace old Hong Kong ID cards kicks in with launch of 9 centres. Retrieved 26 November Some of the couples do live happily ever after, but often find themselves mixed up in miseries and complicated affairs.

In his most prolific years at Ming Pao, he was said to be writing editorials with his right hand and daily instalments of wuxia serials with his left. The Legend of the Condor Heroes. Ina head instructor expelled Cha from yonng for posting a wall newspaper with satirical content, but the principal helped transfer him to another school.

Many of them take place in fractious periods in Chinese history, when China was at risk from or ruled by the nomadic Khitan uwxia, the Mongols, the Manchus and other non-Han Chinese ethnicities. Compassionate Light in Asia: University of Hawaii Press. Cha expresses a fierce admiration for positive traits wuuxia non-Han Chinese people personally, such as the Mongols and Manchus.