JBase. May i know is there any beginner tutorial or something like “getting started ” for the beginners, before moving on to the complex tasks, such as advanced. jBC is a programming language that is used in jBASE post-relational (multi-value ) DBMS. Syntax is Basic-like; compilation process firstly converts the source. jBASE is a multivalue database system. jBASE was released in by a small company in the UK, then named. James Anthony Consultants,(JAC), later to.

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Please fill out the contact form below and we will reply as soon as possible. Where are the subroutines?

Refer to your System Administration Guide for your specific platform. The jrestore can be controlled to restore from any file type on the backup, from single records to multiple directories. Create hashed file dictionary only: Beyond this convenient feature, tutoriap also offers many significant advantages over traditional shells and is easier to use.

If updates have been made you will be prompted for confirmation before the updates are discarded. Change file properties 1.

Enter jstat command with verbose display and filename. Create both kbase and dictionary file: Not finding what you’re looking for? How can we help you? From the standard shell we will enter the jrestore command to initiate the backup using the following syntax: In order to be able to rebuild a shared library the object file is retained in the “objdir” subdirectory of the “lib” directory.


So when cataloging subroutines, it is much faster to work from jbzse active select list.

The name can include absolute or relative path information. After completing the jBASE installation, one of the optional tasks you can select is to install and configure the compiler.

The TRANS parameters set or clear the flag which allows the file to be included or excluded from within any transaction jbasd defined by an executing program. If you need to complete this task, please review the jBASE 5.


Once copied then the temporary file is renamed to the original file. Subroutine object files are collated into evenly sized shared libraries and then by default placed in the home directory “lib” directory.

jbasd The default action is to exit the shell once the processing of the input file has been completed. The edit session then terminates, or continues with the next record, if this choice is in effect.


The more primitive features seen on some older platforms such as the “dot” command stacker have been replaced with easier to use and more functional equivalents.

This enables query language statements such as: REC1 1 Records Listed 5. The jED editor has been designed for ease of use, easy jbse configuration and is especially suited to the editing of jBC programs. The jsh process will replace thecurrent shell if it is invoked through the UNIX exec command.


It can be invoked as your login shell by using the normal system administration software supplied with the platform. Leave this keyword out to create tugorial dictionary and data file.

These object files are no longer required once all the shared libraries have been debugged and ready to release. In this case, the record-list is ignored. Opens the tty device and accepts commands from the keyboard when the jSHELL has been invoked to process a command input file. Main program executables by default are copied in the home directory “bin” directory.

To resize files to a lower modulo requires that the ‘D’ option also be invoked along with the ‘C’ option.

Please make sure this is your intention. On Windows, colors can be globally set using the Console setup from the Control Panel or jbasr selecting the Properties of a jShell shortcut.

Simplest version of where the data is located. Check the result with the jstat command. The value is set to YES by default. Enter jrf command with options verbose display and to allow downsize of file.