IT – WEB TECHNOLOGY NOTES. SEMESTER 6, WT LECTURE NOTES. DOWNLOAD LINK:CLICK HERE · Email ThisBlogThis!. Forum topic Pdf it web technology notes web it notes Technologu photos and Anna University IT Web Technology – Lecture notes Subject Code. BE/B Tech Degree Examination. IT/IT63/ IT Web Technology Notes CSE 6th Semester Regulation | BE Computer Science and Engineering.

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T – Semester 5 Lecture Notes and E-books Write Short notes on event model Name field should have alphabets iii.

Write short notes on the following i. T – Semester 5 Lecture Notes and E-books Web services can offer application-components like: Bharathiar University – B.

IT Web Technology Question Bank – HITS Edition

Recruitment of Research Officer in the Dept. Write a PHP program to consolidate and show the bill to be paid by the in-patients Assume you own data. E Civil 5th Semester Question Arch Application Forms issued Tamil Nadu Government School Students achieved in Electronic Media Five Yea WSDL is a tecnology for describing Web services.


ID field should have numeric.


What are attributes are available for servlet and explain each of them 6. Explain the concepts of Servlet chaining and communications. Ed Admission for academic year B.

Explain with an example 8. Recruitment of Research Officer in the Dept. Anna University Department of Civil Engineering B. Cookies must be used to prevent multiple votes by the same client.

nootes Nowadays Java has tons of job opportunities on various vertical industry. It web technology notes pdf zippyshare. On clicking the Resize button validate the width and height numbers and on successful validation display the image with the requested width and height. Anna University – International Students Admission Write a PHP program to consolidate and show the bill to be paid by the in-patients Assume you own data Explain about applet to servlet communication with example program? Assume your own fields.


Write a java script program to perform the validation process in an application programs 5. Example for session tracking, Shopping cart Mention hotes need for cascading style sheets. Provide a text box lecturee the user enter user name.


Both the fields should not be empty ii. Prior to joining Narayanaguru College of Engineering I was working as a software programmer for two years.

Write example program for each type of CSS Where is the Menu? Validate the entered username and ID field for the following using java script.

Unit 5 – 2 marks. What are Web Services? Anna University 8th Semester – Results Announ Affiliated Colleges-Time Table for M.