In Indu Sundaresan’s lush historical romance, The Twentieth Wife, we read of Mumtaz Mahal’s aunt, Mehrunnisa, a woman known to Indian history as Nur. Indu Sundaresan is an Indian-American author of historical fiction. Contents. 1 Career; 2 Personal; 3 Awards; 4 Works; 5 References; 6 External links. Career[ edit]. Her first novel The Twentieth Wife is about how a young widow named. Written by Indu Sundaresan Unfortunately, The Twentieth Wife is less than enthralling, for although its subjects are fascinating people, its setting is exotic, and.

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What can I tell you? I think I may not have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to sing its praises. The irony of politics of Mughal Era?

The Twentieth Wife

Want to read up on all of them but first Nur Jahan You can almost smell the flowers in the Indian gardens Mehrunnisa got the best possible education, including a mastery of the Arabic and Persian languages.

She is also the author of The Splendor of Silencehistorical fiction set in a fictional Indian princely state just before Indian independence in When Mehrunnisa becomes the 20th and last wife of Jahangir, she is 34, hardly young for the year This was the only marriage in Jahangir’s life where no political motives were involved. The Feast of Roses, are both satisfying read.

With no way to feed the newborn, Ghias reluctantly places her on the roadside hoping someone will take her in. View all 5 comments. I have listened to the entire audiobook.

The Twentieth Wife

After Pachinko, my search for another interesting and immersive historical fiction read brought me here. Join the FinPipe community and get the latest updates right to your inbox! Review of “Debt of Honor”. This means that readers have to make a mental shift to accept polygamy and Mehrunnissa’s scheming to usurp the top wife’s place as merely the sundaresna of true love. My friends think I should poison him — should I listen to them?


No trivia or quizzes yet. It is my deep regret that I am not the book’s perfect reader. She was the daughter of refugees fleeing Persia for India. I have mixed feelings after finishing wire book Nisa becomes the Twentieth Wife at the last wfie and for the first 80 percent of the book, Jehangir and Mehrunissa haven’t had a decent conversation.

The Twentieth Wife Book Summary and Study Guide

The author’s style greatly reminded me of Jeffrey Archer’s ‘Kane and Abel’ and its siblings. I can only hope she’s building to a triumphant finish but I’m too tired to care and I want to move on. Feast of Rose The first thing that I thought once I put this book down was that it would be great to recommend to people who read “Memoirs of A Geisha” I work in a bookstore.

She immediately thinks he is beautiful and later develop This is Indu Sundaresan’s first novel, and I have to say, damn good for a first! She immediately thinks he is beautiful and later develops feelings for him, and through the years she dreams of becoming one of his wives. Taj Mahal Trilogy 3 books. Everybody sounds so sweet. She was a widow when she married Jahangir, and was over She obviously knows that her principal audience — romance readers — need a comfortable love story.

That is exactly what this feels like: The father had no money for milk or food for his family. View all 9 comments. Drawing on historical records, newcomer Sundaresan, an Indian-born writer living in the US, gives her own interpretation of the fabled woman who, once she married the Emperor Jahangir, becoming his 20th and last wife, ruled the empire in his name for 15 years.


However, I’m half-way through the book and it seems to me that the author has marginalized her just as much as the culture she lives in does. The novel is a work of fiction but very much ground to sundafesan realities.

When Sundaresan throws us the literary feminist bone — Mehrunnissa didn’t want to be like all the other powerless women of her time and that is why she wanted to be the relatively free favored wife — the reader doesn’t quite believe it. Indu’s love of stories comes from both of wive, from hearing their stories based on imagination and rich Hindu mythology, and from her father’s writings.

For probably all of the above reasons I have found not one character I care for. This first, Great summer read with all the pomp and circumstance you’d expect for a novel about the royal court of 15th century Moghul Empire which included what today is Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and most of India Mehrunnisa aka Empress Nur Jahan was one of the most powerful empresses twwntieth the Moghul Empire only her story is just now coming to light twenhieth on a pulling together of anecdotal mentions in books on the country and famous men at that time.

Open Preview See a Problem? Mehunrissa, the girl that will eventually become the twentieth wife of Jahangir, the fourth Mughal Emperor, is infatuated from the age of eight with Prince Salim, as he is also called. Mehrunnisa grows up visiting the harem of the Imperial palace in Lahore as a sundareaan to the Emporess. Freud would have a lot of fun with this book.