58 — Joy (Self-indulgence) — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FIFTY-EIGHT JOY ( SELF-INDULGENCE). Other titles: The Joyous, Joyousness, Pleased Satisfaction . Same reading twice! (58 -> 51). Hello, I have a pretty clear idea of what the iching is telling me, but I would like a second and third opinion. The hexagram means calmness and the absence of urgency. Calmness may mean that one’s environment is quiet and free of pressure and that changes are.

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But still, do hexagramx over look simple things. Man too, in his inner being, has a plane of contact with the divine self. Part from these people intent only on their own mastery. If this is the only changing line, the hexagram becomes number sixty — Restrictive Regulations, with a corresponding line that counsels the acceptance of limitation hexatrama productive of peace of mind and contentment: With 51 it is important not to act out of fear, panic or something other than clear, rational thought.

Knowing your deepest wishes, and acting on them, is the best path to joyful exuberance and energy.

58 Opening/Mediator DUI

Considering joyousness does not bring serenity. If on the other hand – staying put means that you will be isolated and alone, then of course this is not what 58 is advising. The first line, dynamic, shows the pleasure of inward harmony. This is the power of inspiring words that express the spirit. The sixth line, magnetic, shows the pleasure of its subject in leading and attracting others.

…life can be translucent

You may feel like you are confined or oppressed hecagrama you may be learning about the quiet joy of contentment. One who meets all experience as a growth opportunity, never fails and always succeeds.


There will be progress and success. While multiple translations of the original text are available, they include many archaic references and can be difficult to understand for 21st century readers. The transformative process of the pair If you let yourself be led you can realize the hidden potential.

Once you recognize this limiting behavior joyousness returns to all you do. Changes are coming, an omen of great future happiness.

This inner re-grouping lets your real purpose shine.

I Ching Hexagram 58 – Tui (Joy) | Cafe au Soul

In this way you will become free of regret — the regret that accompanies the waste of personal resources. Five easy lessons from nature that will Change Your Life! In the body, Open acts through the skin, lungs and nervous system, regulating the rhythm of life, through the power hsxagrama inner images. The title of this hexagram denotes joyousness and pleasure, and most people regard it as a good omen when they receive it.

If the individual mind is one with the Universal Mind, and if the possessor of the individual mind wishes to find out some secret of Nature, he does not require to seek for it outside of the sphere of his mind, but he looks for it in himself, because everything that exists in Hexaframa which is a manifestation of the Universal Mind exists in, and is reflected by himself, and the idea of there being two minds is only an illusion; the two are one.

Strip away the outmoded. Its all here in our complete reference, the i-ching index! Step out to meet the new spirit. And that’s why he can only find his own divine being within himself, never by directing his attention towards the outside world.

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The law of Attraction is in action here. Forum Shared Readings Same reading twice! Thus we lose our direction.

Same reading twice! (58 -> 51)

Line three attracts others around herself for the sake of pleasure; the subject of this line leads them to follow herself in quest of it. After ridding himself of mistakes a man has joy. Open yourself to this influence and expect real harmony to develop. hhexagrama

There is the possibility that his own strength and sincerity may be perverted into instruments of evil. On the contrary, it should keep him from doing so. A hundred thousand times You lose your treasures And must climb the nine hills. Perhaps it is that pull that is the negative one and 58 appears to confirm this by suggesting that isolation is not the right way to go.

Above all, the Hexagrams and changing lines seem to advise – Staying calm, keeping a clear head, and not being afarid to asked for the support you need.

Bringing Change hexagrxma Life Each hexagram is part of a Pair that that activates hidden paths of transformative energy through the interaction of the trigrams or Spirit Helpers, connecting phases of Inspiration and Realization. Arrange for people to collaborate on activities or challenges. For standard, hexagrxma romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here.