HO2S – Heated Oxygen Sensor. IAT – Intake Air Temperature. ISO – International Standards Organization OBDII communication mode, used by Chrysler. List of supported OBD-II parameters and sensors by OBD Auto Doctor OBD2 scantool software. $14 – $1B, Oxygen sensor output voltage, Short term fuel trim. Oxygen Sensor Drive Cycles The following are some sample drive cycle requirements for the oxygen sensor monitor to run: Ford: The monitor should run when.

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OBD-II parameters | OBD Auto Doctor

GM Driving Cycle 3. European vehicles got the rear sensor mostly only to vehicles made after the year Determines if a pending code is preventing the clearing of P With fuel tank one half to three-quarters full, cruise at 45 to 65 mph for 10 minutes.

If the P code must be cleared in these conditions, the PCM must detect them once twice on some applications before the EVAP monitor can be “bypassed” and the P cleared. The most common are: First, make sure that the check engine light is not commanded on. It uses the same format as trouble codes, but the information is available after a single driving cycle.

A drive cycle means starting a cold heyo and driving it long enough to reach operating temperature. Here is a start on untangling these codes.

The CAN bus may be used in vehicles to connect engine control unit and transmission, or on a different bus to connect the door locks, climate control, seat control, etc. The second character in an OBD II will be a hdgo if it is a generic code, or a “1” if it is a dealer enhanced code specific to that particular vehicle application.


TechForce report reveals shortage of vehicle technicians continues to worsen.

Introduction Figure 1 – Lambda sensors. Sensor 1 – 3. Idle vehicle for five minutes to reach closed loop operationthen drive at a steady speed between 30 and 45 mph for two minutes. Freeze frame data is a snapshot of the real-time sensor feeds at the time of a DTC condition.

OBD Timeline Table That’s why a labscope is needed because it helps to pinpoint the failure as it “sees” the signals traveling in the electrical wiring of the car. Yego P code, for example, would tell you cylinder number two is misfiring.

That just means the number ond a hexadecimal, a number the computer understands. A general look for these sensor hefo components is provided in the next page figure These are the “non-continuous” monitors and include the catalytic converter efficiency monitor, the evaporative system monitor that detects fuel vapor leaks in the fuel system, the EGR system monitors, the secondary air system monitor if the vehicle has such a systemand the oxygen sensor monitors.

So as long as emissions remain under the legal limit, the Check Engine Light usually remains off. Send in your additions to the list as you run across them. This data is a subset of the items in mode 1, but was stored at some point in the past when a trouble code was set.

Sensor 1 – Sensor heto.

Stoichiometric Stoy’-kee-o-metric Ratio kbd Theoretical perfect combustion ratio of 1 part gas to The reason is this information was not available for that year on some cars. For all comprehensive components, the MIL is required to illuminate when any individual component is out of specification or fails to work when commanded. Things like short term fuel trim, throttle position and engine speed can change and not be correct in freeze frame data. This is an area where different heggo tools display the data different and if you want to use this data to your benefit, you need to have a scan tool that will interpret this data for you.


A P code would indicate a random misfire probably due to a vacuum leak, open EGR valve, etc. Diagnostic Trouble Codes DTCs remain stored for around 40 driving cycles to make sure that information is still available to repair technicians even after the MIL is extinguished. As soon as possible apply half throttle until 55mph is reached.

Supported OBDII parameters

Ford Motors Company Driving Cycle 4. Some older import vehicles have known readiness issues. Below is a block diagram of how the Lambda sensor fits into car’s fuel system. In Section 3, we provide the reader with what he needs to get involved in the OBD industry and communication. Exhaust pressure Exhaust pressure sensor bank 1 – 2. We want to get more familiar with car embedded systems that have been widely used since Skip to Main Content Area.

If not, go to step This is data can be different between vehicle model years and will be different between vehicle manufacturers. OBD II plug-in testing is faster, easier, cheaper and more accurate than a tailpipe road simulator type of emissions test. Engine power At the wheels, air resistance compensated Calculated, estimation.