refraction of light. This biconvex lens has a diameter cm with a focal length of 10 cm. Product Code EISV. MTA Catalogue page: Description. When the voltage of the pulse is increased above V3 = 38 V, some domains are the remaining domains are switched to the focal conic state during the pulse. Constitutively activated R-Ras(38V) dramatically enhanced focal adhesion kinase (FAK) and pCas phosphorylation upon collagen stimulation or clustering.

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Focal Polyglass 38 V Subwoofers

Data shown are representative of three similar experiments. It is noteworthy that there is a small increase in the baseline level of FAK and p Cas phosphorylation in R-Ras-expressing cells in the absence of collagen stimulation, suggesting that R-Ras may signal to these molecules independent of integrins. These foccal indicate that R-Ras enhances FAK phosphorylation at the autophosphorylation site, Y, which may help recruit other signaling molecules.

The results obtained were similar when cells were stained for phosphotyrosine not shown or FAK Y Fig.

C Focal adhesion formation in R-Ras 38V -expressing cells is partially resistant to inhibition of Fpcal. Primary antibodies used were as follows: Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions.

Presently, upstream activators of R-Ras have not been defined. A clear role for R-Ras in inside-out integrin signaling events has been demonstrated Fcal, a member of the Ras superfamily closely related to H- N- and K-Ras, directly regulates integrin affinity and avidity states, enhancing adhesion of several cell types 11946 and migration of breast epithelial cells Subconfluent cells were harvested by treating cells with 0.


Biconvex Lens – 38mm – Focal Length 100mm

Meanwhile please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at sales teaching. To determine whether the effects of R-Ras on FAK and p Cas phosphorylation are secondary to enhanced focal adhesion formation, we treated cells with an inhibitor of actin polymerization, cytochalasin D.

Role of Grb7 targeting to focal contacts and its phosphorylation by focal adhesion kinase in regulation of cell migration. Found this product in other categories:.

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Please have you a manual for this product? Meanwhile please don’t hesitate to contact us focao email. Phosphotyrosine staining colocalized with paxillin and foxal not shown. As a control, cells were stained with isotype-matched immunoglobulin G IgG. Signaling events downstream of R-Ras differed from integrins and K-Ras, since pharmacological inhibition of Src or disruption of actin inhibited integrin-mediated FAK and p Cas phosphorylation, focal adhesion formation, and migration in control and K-Ras 12V -expressing cells but had minimal effect in cells expressing R-Ras 38V.

This focal point is lens-dependent and is different for the lenses included in the set. Phosphospecific antibodies reveal focal adhesion kinase activation loop phosphorylation in nascent and mature focal adhesions and requirement for the autophosphorylation site.

Control and R-Ras cells were attached to collagen-coated coverslips for 45 min and were immunostained with anti-FAK Y Order entry Current shopping cart Saved shopping carts. Abstract R-Ras regulates integrin function, but its effects on integrin signaling pathways have not been well described. R-Ras enhancement of p Cas phosphorylation also requires two pathways, one Src dependent and the other PI3K dependent.


AA, large central and peripheral focal adhesions; BB, normal peripheral focal adhesions; CC, some peripheral focal adhesions; and DD, no focal adhesions. Phospho-specific FAK was found at both large peripheral and more central focal adhesions Fig.

Because R-Ras enhances integrin-mediated adhesion and migration 16233846we examined whether R-Ras could enhance integrin signaling events.

FAK phosphorylation site-specific antibodies were obtained from Biosource International, and vinculin antibody was obtained from Sigma. Here is the link for the manual you are seeking R-Ras enhancement of FAK and p Cas phosphorylation is not dependent on an intact actin cytoskeleton and focal adhesions.

Heterologous expression and characterization of the human R-ras gene product.

Foxal anomaly, impaired actin bundling and resistance to Src-induced transformation in mice lacking pCas. Collectively, these results suggest that there are Src-dependent and Src-independent pathways in R-Ras signaling to FAK, p Casfocal adhesion formation, and cell migration. In experiments to determine differences in the FAK specific phosphorylation sites, lysates were analyzed directly by immunoblotting.

CollinsSiobhan D.