Anisotremus moricandi é uma espécie de peixe da família Haemulidae. Pode ser encontrada nos seguintes países: Brasil, Colômbia, Panamá e Venezuela. Anisotremus é um gênero de peixes da família Haemulidae. Espécies[editar | editar código-fonte]. Anisotremus caesius (Jordan & Gilbert, ); Anisotremus. FAMILIA HAEMULIDAE Los roncadores son una familia de peces de tamaño pequeño a mediano que viven alrededor del mundo en mares tropicales y.

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Diagramma flavomaculatum Cuvier, Plectrohinchus chubbi Regan, Pristipoma chrysobalion Cuvier, Pseudopristipoma nigrus Cuvier, Plectorhynchus niger Cuvier, Pristipoma argyreum Valenciennes, In particular, for published scientific, we suggest then to cite it in the Material and Method section as a useful tool to conduct the research, but again, not as a haemuliae or nomenclatural authority reference.


Hapalogenys maculatus Richardson, Pristipoma nitidum Steindachner, Anisotremus virginicus Linnaeus, Diagramma punctata Cuvier, Plectorhinchus orientalis Bloch, Haemuliddae auritus Cuvier, Xenichthys agassizi Steindachner, This list uses some data from Catalog of Fishes not shown but used to sort names.

Diagramma unicolor Macleay, Pristipoma brevipinne Steindachner, Pomadasys guoraca Cuvier, Diagramma flavomaculatum Cuvier, Pomadasis perotoei Cuvier, Plectorhinchus celebecus Bleeker, Dacymba bennetti Lowe, Pristipoma humilis Bowdich, Pomadasys operculare Playfair, Marks misspellings of the species names that must not be used. Dorsal fin continuous, spines, soft rays.

Plectorhinchus punctatissimus Playfair, Plectorhinchus chubbi Regan, haekulidae Parakuhlia boulengeri Pellegrin, Plectorhynchus mediterranus Guichenot, Pomadasys perotoei Cuvier, Chiefly marine, some brackish, rarely freshwater. Pomadasys peroteti Cuvier, Rhonciscus laurentino Haemuidae, Diagramma picta punctata Cuvier, Haemulopsis elongatus Steindachner, Pomadasys sinuosus Eigenmann, Plectorhynchus goldmani Bleeker, Perca melanura Linnaeus, Plectorhinchus orientalis non Bloch, Plectorhinchus diagrammus Linnaeus, Gaterin albovittatus Ruppell, Labrus fulvomaculatus Mitchill, Pomadasys auritus Cuvier, Orthopristis chrysopterus Linnaeus, Pristipoma operculare Playfair,