Download “Enjoy Your Life” by Dr. Muhammad Abd-ur-Rahman Al-Arifi for FREE. Thought-provoking anecdotes from the life of the author. The aim of the book is to train the reader to enjoy living his life by practicing various. Enj oy Your Life Dr. Muhammad bin ‘Abd al-Rahman al-‘Arifi Published by DARUSSALAM Contents Publisher’s Foreword 10 Introduction 17 1. They did not .

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Enjoy Your Life – Dr. Muhammad ibn Abdur Rahman Al-’Arifi – Islamway

This was the first battle ever to be fought between the two fac- tions, the Muslims and the disbelievers of Quraysh. Who kicked the cat? MediaInternational PoliticsResearch. The Prophet ft said to him jok- ingly, “I will give you an offspring of a ykur.

Is it not the case that certain people have the ability to at- tract hearts wherever they may be, as if they are magnets? If you really are the Messenger of Allah as you claim, then you are too dangerous to be responded to, and enjy you are lying about Allah, then I should never speak to you!

Read the words the Prophet ft said on his last pilgrimage in front of a hundred thousand pilgrims, amongst them white, black, old, young, rich and poor. On another occasion, the Quraysh decided to send Husayn bin al-Mundhir al-Khuza’i – the father of the Prophet’s compan- ion, ‘Imran bin Husayn – to discuss with the Prophet ft and to persuade him to stop his mission.

When she felt safe, she was overcome with joy and said,”0 With animals Topic No. The hypocrite then became angry. When he lost his position, he also lost the love people had for him.

Control your tongue If a wife knows that her husband loves jokes, then let her joke with him. Home About Arifl Posts. The Muslims went lief the house and found the wealth hidden therein. Whenever he came to Madinah for a need, arici brought something for the Prophet ft as a gift, like cottage cheese or butter. How oyur if we have a leader from amongst ourselves, and you have a leader Use the right flavour Topic No. You know very well that when Muhammad says something he doesn’t lie.


Espe- cially this green turban!

He called out to them all and said, “You must treat your womenfolk well! Wrifi were in the midst of a conflict and the need had arisen for a determined and resolute person, and hence, the Prophet S chose ‘Umar, for this task, urg- ing him on further by saying, “Is the face of the uncle of Allah’s Messenger to be struck with a sword? When I later discov- ered that Carnegie had committed enjiy, I knew for certain that his book, despite its merits, had not benefitted him. There are no reviews yet.

As they were praying, one of the Companions sneezed, and before he could say “al-Hamdulillah”, Mu’awiyah remembered that he was supposed to respond, so he hurriedly said in a loud voice, “YarhamukAllah!

He placed his hand in the pocket of the Prophet’s shirt and pulled him saying, “Be ebjoy to my allies! He has been martyred. With gentleness and interpersonal skills, we can achieve our objectives.

With adversaries 69 The Prophet ft said, “The most beloved of you to me, and the closest of you to me on the Day of Resurrection are the best of you in manners. They may express their gratitude sometimes by words and sometimes as gifts.

The Bedouin came and stood in front arii the Prophet. He married me when I was young, my stomach became flabby due to pregnancy, and now, when I have become old and unable to have any more children, he has divorced me! If you wish to ponder upon the different types of people with respect to self-improvement, then think about the following: Such husbands, often when at home, are ill-mannered, impatient, sulky and constantly cursing. Here we will mention certain skills which we would like to remind you of if you already possess them, or which we would like to train you in if you don’t.

Enjoy your life pdf

You should be gentle. As a result, everyone preceded him and he was the last in the caravan. So much so that Khadijah – may Allah be pleased with her – said to the Prophet ft when he first received revela- tion,”Allah shall never subject you to any indignity, for you always maintain your ties with those of your kin, and you are always generous in giving; you are diligent, and you pursue what others regard as a lost cause; you calm the heart of your guest, and you lend your support to those who seek justice and redress.


The people were left in suspense as to what he is going to do next.

The Prophet ft used to love him and say: That is all there is to it. I lite that he did not scold, beat or revile me, but simply said: He knew that they were about to fight a battle and were in no position to allow anyone to disobey the orders of the leader or argue in front of the other fighters.

I request you to heed my advice and grant the man full freedom to pur- sue his goals, in which case you could safely detach yourselves from him. The book’s author is a prominent figure in the field of Islamic Da’wah and has authored more than twenty published works. One day he was seen helping a poor person, the next making peace between two Mus- lims, the next calling the disbelievers to Islam, and so on, until he grew old and his bones became weak.

Likewise, the Prophet ft would prepare some- thing to give to him whenever he wanted to leave, such as dates and so on. Turn your calamities into occasions of joy and your faith into a weapon! The point of this idiom is not to liken the man and the wom- an to a male and female goat – Allah’s refuge is sought! Due to his extreme poverty, he was riding a very weak camel that lifee hardly walk.