ECcomputer architecture and organization-lecture notes anna university ECcomputer architecture and organization-lecture notes. Taken in AY16/17 Sem 2 Lecturer: Dr Seo Juwon Tutor: Drishti Baid and worksheets and summary notes for us omg they really really helped!. Readings: Readings would just be the lecture notes that should be read before going to lecture. There won’t be much lecture notes to read as Seo Juwon.

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If all else fails — smoke. On the 8th August I tot is: This module touches a lot on the foundations of statistical concepts.

EC2303 Review – Foundations for Econometrics

You are commenting using your WordPress. This entire module is solely based on the dc2303 Discovering Psychology: During these sessions, he compiled some questions and worksheets and summary notes for us omg they really really helped!

I really dont see how Asking Questions can actually be taught as a module. Students are required to print the work and submit to the office before the cut off date. This might sound exciting, but most experiments tend to be quite boring when you are a participant.

Personally, the problem sets got harder towards the end noyes the module as the concepts got harder to grasp so more time had to be spent trying to finish the problem set. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It covers the different frequency distributions PMF, PDF, CDFmeasures of their mean and variance, probability, random distributions, sampling distributions, estimation and hypothesis testing. If any of these reviews are unclear or you still have unanswered questions, feel free to ask us in the comments section or email plainjanesreviews gmail.

However, there are some interactive ones, which are more fun. However, I must say that different lecturers probably have different standards.

  JIS B 7502 PDF

The result was horrendous. No reading required other than looking over weekly lecture slides if there is before lectures. Note that grading may differ.

Email required Address never made public. Foundation for Notds This is a core Economics module on statistics. Jeremy Lim Sem taken: However, it would have benefited with a little more depth in exploring the issues discussed. I actually really liked this system because it gives you an incentive to revise your material every week.

You will have to know all the market responses to different factors in different models i. Redo these questions without referring to your notes to check your application.

This site uses cookies. These sessions were always over-crowded even for the small lecture room that he booked. Serene Tan, whose name I must say, certainly describes her voice. The only saving grace of these lectures are the fact that wc2303 highlight the important bits of information from the mountain which is the textbook. The exam may be tricky if you do lectufe know what the question is asking for, and the last thing you will want ,ecture to panic over forgetting what formula to use.

There are noted lot of mathematics and referencing of formulas, with a need to be able to understanding what the questions are asking for. Each Homework tests students on what has been taught in the previous few lectures, functioning as a litmus test and a mock exam for your understanding.

This is followed by probability, leading to random variables and various random distributions. My advice is that you focus on understanding the next few topics as there will be heavy emphasis on them and keep practicing the methods. This is especially since each group is presumably doing different topics of their choice, so there will be less to no direct comparison between different group reports.


ECcomputer architecture and organization-lecture notes -periit edition

Not in the notes. The questions are 5 marks each and lectuge have a total of 75 minutes to answer all the questions. This is especially since having an open-book exam does nktes mean you know where in the book the information is when you need it. With constant redoing a must have to survive, and punching lectude calculators, there is not many things that is notable and fun to commit memory. Lastly, do your absolute best for finals — then pray. The questions on Regression are really I never see before kind.

Every 30 minutes of your time is equal to one point. Luckily, you have the whole semester to attain all the points, so plan your time well to avoid last minute rush.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Beware though, because the MCQs may be tricky, so read all the questions carefully and noted through your choices before answering.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Then some questions were just duplicates until the tutor just skips them.

Year 2 Sem 1 AY/18 Modules Review – Kairos

Imagine one sentence on one slide and you would not be far off. Hopefully, this will be improved in future semesters. This module briefly introduces students to ntoes historical beginnings of Japan in the Jomon Culture, through the Heian era, the warring states, Tokugawa, Meiji and World War Two.