Hello, Im french, sorry for my bad english. I whant à auto-generate thumb for my PDF I have à wrong message! Error it’s attachments. Bye. DOCman manages downloadable documents in Joomla. Organize files across Automated thumbnail generation for uploaded files. Every image file will get a. To use DOCman List you would have to type in {docmanlist. of your categories don’t have any documents in them, then you can hide the empty ones automatically . Description: This will allow you to customize the Thumbnail column label.

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Use Herachical Folder Structure: If the values were changed they were defaulted back to original value of 1. An issue has been resolved that was preventing the user from signing in to Docman when Single Sign on was switched on. An issue has been resolved that caused a number of errors during a patient export due to multiple connections being made to the docjan.

If the extension is on both lists, then the black list will take precedence over the white list. A change has been made to the way a user views the Main Menu.

Related documents is the same author with current document Number related documents: This is now resolved, and the scanner works as normal. This has been removed, thubm printing now operates at normal speeds.

Configuration | Edocman Documentation

If a workflow is deemed overdue, the workflow thumh within the intray list will be shown in red, as with urgent workflows. Related documents have same category: Reports will detail the following: In the earlier version of background filing it would leave a copy of the filing queue entry on the filing queue table for audit purposes.


An audit will be written if the date ato changed, cleared or initially set. All annotations to the document will be made to a temporary copy and an audit trail of the revision will be written containing the workflow ID and active route ID.

When a workflow is created the due date will be automatically populated based on the due date setting of the selected workflow template. An issue has been fixed where when responding to a group iWorkflow, it would only respond for one user, it now responds for the whole group.


You can setup the Height size in pixel of Document thumbnail images. If set to Yes, when a public user tries to download a document, the system will prompt a popup to collect name and email before allow them to download. An issue has been fixed that would occur when using Workflow filters. An issue has been fixed where when single clicking on a filing match, it would deselect the match Intellisense had found and then select the match you had ticked. Do you want to show Select License field in Document Upload form at front-end side?

Docman 75000

The new requirements state that there must be at least one user with this role type at all times. The size of the actual document was not shrinking when down to the last page and when the user autp to file the document to a patient record, the last page would be the same size as the whole original scanned batch.

Similarly, if you removed an annotation the list was not updated and would still include the deleted stamps. The user will be notified via a system notification in Docman. If no template is selected, or the template does not thmub one, then no due date is assigned.


We have resolved an issue where entries were not correctly linked to a problem when summarising into EMIS. If set to Yes, for document with the file extension allowed below, there will be a button which allows users to click on the document and view it directly on web browser.

An issue has been resolved that was occurring after filing a page from a multi-page document in Docman Batch Manager. A change has been made where previously when using the significant event options in Docman, after docmn information to the event field it is truncated and you cannot view all the information you just typed in.

If set to Yesthe new uploaded documents will be unpublished until admin publish it. Report Runner follows the same permissions as Hhumb Reports, in that it is only available when you have permissions to reports. Download link email thub Make sure that value entered is lower than value of PHP variable: Docman would freeze when the user attempted to open the Clinical User selection list.

Number words of description to be shown: An error has been fixed that was occurring when attempting to print a document that had a stamp annotation on it. Number documents per page. If set to Yes, administrators will received notification email when someone download free documents Upload notification email subject Upload email body: Do you want to show Icon pictures beside title Categories, Documents in Listing.

Please only set this config option to version 3 if your site template is built docma on Twitter bootstrap version 3.