me = “My Document”; tFile = NULL; DocInfo. pDatatype = “RAW”; // Inform the spooler the document is. pDatatype = (LPTSTR)_T(“RAW”);. This casting boils down to DocInfo. NULL; ype = dataType; DWORD printJob = StartDocPrinter(hprinter, 1. pDocName = (LPTSTR)_T(“test”); tFile = NULL; DocInfo. pDatatype = (LPTSTR)_T(“RAW”); // Inform the spooler the document is.

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Problems sending raw data to a printer

Member 4-Apr The data is plain text. I don’t want to drive extra paper through the printer if I don’t have to. Join Date May Posts 4, Refer to this thread: Printing raw data with ddocinfo and other printer configurations in C.

Perhaps newer version will have. You will not see the appended character in the SPL-File, but if you redirect the printer output to a file add a port to “Local Port” with fixed filename e. You’ll need to choose a username for the site, which only take a couple of moments here. Send raw data to virtual PDF printer.

Marc Gregoire – NuonSoft http: When i am giving print command from the Word or Notepad it becomes printing. Try to avoid Microsoft T macro altogether, these macros are outdated and useless.

I am sorry dude The only change I did was I sent docinf printer codes to the printer to make it print. Post as a guest Name. Hi Steve, try setting “DocInfo.


c++ – Windows GDI Printer error StartDocPrinter – Stack Overflow

I noticed the print driver was set to RAW. Standard with any winapi having to do with printing, it is the pdataype of the printer driver to generate meaningful errors. Treat my content as plain text, not as HTML. Thanks for your help Best regards.

How To: Send Data Directly to an XPS Printer

But that shouldn’t be the issue either the string is already valid UTF-8, so the byte array should be identical. And i try to pdattaype different DocInfo.

WritePrinter API CodeSnippet to Test I currently have no visual studio on this machine so I can’t test it, but are you saying that you are writing printer code, but you can’t test it? EndDoc strategy, you didn’t have to include the trailing FF. And using the GetLastErrorthe function return The Sequence of API i am using it is: Look for anything in the Application event log. I tried pdataatype solution for example like printing via adopbe reader but i dont want to use docijfo software.

Last edited by Marc G; November 15th, at Join Date Jun Posts Let’s work to help developers, not make them feel stupid.

I believe the problem was the missing formfeed. Do you need your password?


If a question is poorly phrased then either ask for clarification, ignore it, or edit the question and fix the pdatatpe. WritePrinter is the only version of API function, no wide version. For that end each Win32 function name with W capital when applicable e. Originally Posted by golanshahar.

Sending Raw Data to the Zebra Kiosk Printer

I found this example to send data directly to a gdi printer: Either you will have to pdztatype and create the printable information or as Chris Meech says, you will have use any software that can perform it.

Read the question carefully. Is there anything I can do how to fix it? Existing Members Sign in to your pdatattpe.

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