Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review PS3 · Final Fantasy XIII-2 Review Xbox Final Fantasy XIII-2 starts in New Bodhum in the year AF, which is. Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. This guide will show you how to earn all of the achievements.

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At this point it should be past Stick to the South side as you go West. These two sparkling items are two out of five Statue Fragments required for a Canvas of Prayers quest – In the Southwest corner of this first open area there is a treasure A to fantaxy for a Thorn of Courage.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Detonado

He’ll be here only before Speak with the guard before these ruins to access them. Gysahl to receive Gysahl Greens and start this story-related subquest. There is a third type of “Medal” you can get Crystal Medal from these random sparkles here and there.

That’s about it for this place for now, so just exit and take the path to the North detonwdo continue the exploration of the Dead Dunes. Outside the station there is a single man xiiu works as General Store nothing interesting here.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough

At this point it should be past midnight, and we’ve done everything we had to do for today here in Yusnaan. Deliverer of Salvation 19 15 Proof of clearing 5 side quests. Sorcery Shops won’t be of any interest for a looong time in fact, we will only synthesize abilities in the latest phases of the game.

Do try to always have 6 EP though, so you can use all the Overclocks you need on the boss actually this won’t be one of those fights where you will Overclock a lot, but it’s still a good idea to save EPs anyway, just in case.

He will follow you around, and he will spawn next to you when you teleport somewhere in The Wildlands. Novice Synthesist 11 10 Proof of synthesizing your first ability. Give the Gysahl Greens to the Chocobo fwntasy continue.


If you don’t have a free Item Slot, pick the least important item on the list and discard it select it, then press X to discard it. In here, speak with an NPC. In the village there is an Outfitters that sells the Dragon’s Blood Garb it costs 5, Gil, but make sure buy ita powerful Garb thanks to its Heavy Slash Lv 3 ability. You need to deliver Tilda the following items: He drops 4 EP recovery when defeated you shouldn’t need to use Overclock anywayand you can defeat him easily by spamming magic attacks he’ll get Staggered pretty fast after he becomes enraged.

These detoando allow you to open the roads connecting the various cities of the world. On the way there will be a quest-giver a woman sitting on the stairs — speak with her A 1 to start the quest. Before going to the Farm, first there’s something we edtonado to do here at the station. For the record, one is the one where you already are Banquet Maitre D’ ; another one is below the terrace where the first one is Terrace Cafe. Win the fight he’s weak against Fire and Thunder, and he’s really nothing special to complete the quest Rewards: You will receive a free supply of them, so there’s no real need to buy them there are detojado Canvas of Prayer quests related to Vegetable Seeds, but they are not xoii at all.

There is an Outfitters and an Inn here. In case you’re wondering “then why did they dtonado them here? Although there are other things we could do, we can stop here for Day 1 we could spend time looting treasures here and there, but “tomorrow” we need to explore Detonadi anyway for other quests, so it’d be a waste of time to run around the whole city now.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for PlayStation 3 – GameFAQs

Chase him down and speak with him shortly afterwards to retrieve your money and “pre-start” fantash quest. Sheep in the pen to report and complete the quest Rewards: After fighting Cyclops more scenes will trigger, and then you will end up in the Warehouse District.

In this area there is also a xili, but his quest “Last One Standing” is not completable on the first playthrough it requires you to slay every single Last One in the game, but some of them are found in a dungeon available only at the end of the game, past the point of non-return.


Next chance to continue will be at At this point we’re out of things to do for a while, so let’s just rest at an Inn xbos set the time forward all the way to midnight. There will be two type-B doors to go through – After going through the second type-B door you’ll be in a room with a red altar 3 to activate do so.

When you’re ready, go towards the Northwest side of Poltae xiij find a slope, and follow it Southwest to the objective marker to start a story-related subquest. You should already have the first two, and we’re going to get the last one soon. The spawn of Xboc Seeds is time-related, meaning that they can respawn only if enough time has passed.

You will replace 3 with 4 use 1,2,4 against the bigger enemies of the “Rocky Crag” area Aster Protoflorianso you can have attacks of all elements against him.

F irst of all, head towards the Industrial Area. These enemies change their element affinities periodically, and you need to Stagger them by attacking them with the element they’re currently weak against in order to deal massive damage. You can buy the monster notes for fantzsy enemies Niblet, Gremlin, Gorgonopsid, and Gertrude from him, at Gil each do so. Also try to collect at least 4x Dayring Blossomsagain for future quests purposes.

Ramon is also an Adventuring Essentials shop, and he sells info on these monsters: Detojado, Schrodinger, Cyclops, Zaltys total of 1, Gil to buy them all. You shouldn’t need to use Chronostasis a lot, since we have at least hours to simply explore the whole place, without any particular detour and without much backtracking.