Anna university, Chennai B.E / Engineering Degree Examination CS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE SIXTH SEMESTER Regulation. SUBJECT CODE: CS SUBJECT NAME: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DEPARTMENT: CSE YEAR: 3. SEMESTER: 6. SYLLABUS. CS Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes.» CS Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes. Lecture Notes Provided by. Einstein college of Engineering.

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We will call this complete perceptual history the percept sequence.


This is known as MEU. What are the capabilities that a computer should possess for conducting a Turing test? Conditional planning is a way in which the incompleteness of information is incorporated in terms of adding a conditional step, which involves if — then rules. Define a complete plan. Each individual representation of facts is called a sentence. List the various informed search strategy.

Define Satistiability of a sentence A sentence is satisfiable aryificial and only if there is some interpretation in some world for which it is true.


Define an agent program. What is the basic task of a probabilistic inference?

A set of variable binding constraints. Blind search has no information about the no. There are two different types of induction heuristics. So dfs will never be able to recover from an unlucky choice at one of the nodes near the top of the tree. What is truth Preserving An inference algorithm that derives only entailed sentences is called sound or truth preserving.

What are called as Poly trees?

Define a Proof A sequence of application of inference rules is called a proof. What are the basic Components of propositonal logic? The performance measure that defines degree of success. Define a consistent plan. The algorithm that works only on singly connected networks known as Poly trees.

What is called materialism? Different varieties of queuing fn produce different varieties of the search algorithm.

2008 Anna University Chennai B.E Computer Science CS 1351 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE Question paper

If there is a limited no. Learning by explaining experience. The wait and see principle. The drawback of DFS is that it can get stuck going down the wrong path. Ever thing that the agent has perceived so far.


CS1351 Artificial Intelligence Lecture Notes

Learning by building identification trees. What are the ways in which one can understand the semantics of a belief network?

Syntax is the arrangement of words. The use utility theory to represent and reason with preferences. Define true sentence A sentence is true under a particular interpretation if the state of affairs it represents is the case.

A rational agent is one intepligence does the right thing. The action that the agent can perform. The Turing test proposed by Alan Turing was designed to provide a satisfactory operational definition of intelligence. Induction heuristics is a method, which enable procedures to learn descriptions from positive and negative examples.