Documents Similar To CINI Manual. Industrial Insulation Manual. Uploaded by. Haris Prawoto. Standard Specification for Hot Insulation (Piping & Equipment). This SPECIFICATION is based on the CINI Handbook “Insulation for Industries”, English. Version, dated 1st October (also known as the ” edition”). This section is based on the Committee Insulation Netherlands. Industry (CINI) Manual “Insulation for Industries”. DACE fol- lows the CINI standard as much as.

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Information in-flow to a fabrication drawing Reproduction without permission is prohibited. All of these questions will be answered. Drawings and general provisions of insulatoon Contract, More information. The Main Contractor is the party that carries out all or part of the design, engineering, procurement, installation and commissioning or management of a project.

The thermal insulation and acoustic insulation systems for piping, tanks and equipment shall be able to cope with thermal expansion or contraction; therefore the insulation and jacketing shall be designed to allow expansion or contraction. Start display at page:. The last layer of dor section may include the primary vapour barrier and jacketing.

Pipe and Equipment Insulations. Atmospheric site conditions e. Jansen, Peutz Consulting Engineers, The Netherlands, emphasise the need for an adequate pipe noise control procedure, with reference to the design phase, insulation. Over the last years of model boiler making the only real change in construction methods has been the change over from rivets and caulking.


In the plant construction or process plants such as chemical, petrochemical, gas or power plants various disciplines are brought into contact and built on each other. In the engineering stage attention shall be paid to the insulation design, bearing in mind optimal life cycle costs, process requirements, maintenance aspects of insulated lines during operation and possible corrosion under insulation. The jacketing selection has been changed. All metal surfaces under insulation shall be suitably protected with a complete paint system in accordance with DEP Gen.


Pipe Clamps and Accessories Products 4. A report shall be made available which indicates the design parameters necessary to arrive at an economically and technically acceptable design. Industriies standard is intended to provide useful information to the Professional Service Provider PSP to establish a basis of design.

If economically attractive, a combination of ror more than two different insulating materials may be used. Supply and install all materials and accoutrements required for the installation. This is of particular importance where DEPs may not cover every requirement or diversity of condition at each locality. Its total thickness shall be as cnii as possible to the economic insulation thickness and shall cin rounded off to the upper commercially available thickness.

All material specifications have the same structure, with easy to find information. Induxtries protection for cold insulation is normally not required, only if indicated by the Principal. They are based on the experience acquired during their involvement with the design, construction, operation and maintenance of processing units and facilities, and they are supplemented with the experience of Group Operating companies. Added list of items to be inspected. The Principal induwtries also include an agent or consultant, authorised to act for the Principal.

All materials More information. The input data shall be used in conjunction with software e. Between the acoustic insulation and the jacketing a vapour barrier shall be provided that includes a heavy duty multiplex foil, covered with a UV curable GRP.

Otherwise the Main Contractor shall design an alternative which shall take into account the avoidance of condensation and heat losses. General product information 3. In both hot, cold and cryogenic services. The jacketing system shall be as indicated in DEP Foe. Cory Wilkerson 1 years ago Views: Valves and flanges in piping shall be provided with removable insulation covers.


For higher ambient temperatures a calculation shall be carried out to determine the minimum thickness required to achieve a surface temperature of 70 C maximum. Civil, mechanical, electro technical. Supports shall be designed to withstand all service loads.

CINI Manual – Insulation for Industries – Putra Standards

Common demands for Category 2 and 3 installations Civil, mechanical, electro technical More information. Roof coverings More information. Joints and ends shall be taped with self-adhesive aluminium tape.

Technical and industrial insulation. The material shall be either moulds of applicable sizes or ciin from bun stock. Payout time calculations are not recommended.

Cini :: CINI manual “Insulation in Industry”

The top metal sheet shall overlap the bottom metal sheet and the top part of the EPDM foil shall overlap the bottom part and indjstries be bonded together. The potential cost and safety flr are enormous, and therefore insulation systems shall be designed according to categories that indicate vulnerability to CUI and are related to the process temperatures. Service loads shall include thermal stresses resulting from differential contraction of the foam and the pipe, thermal stresses resulting from the temperature gradient through the thickness of the insulation, insulatioj forces, mechanical loads applied by the piping system and any other loading that may be present at the support.

Removable hot insulation around flanges, valves, etc. LNG loading lines Injection Application methods a and b The foam injection process shall be in accordance with the recommendations of the Manufacturer.