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For use in common rectifier circuits, Table I indicates sug- gested factors for an equivalent dc voltage to use for conservative design; i. The operator must set temperatures for several heating zones and a figure for belt speed. A physical and thermal analysis of the failure mechanisms leads to a new characterization method generating easy-to-use data for safe designs.

I r A Figure The part numbers listed in this Cross Reference are in computer sort. For use in common rectifier circuits, Table 1 indicates suggested factors for an equivalent dc voltage to use for conservative design; i. This characterization is often far from application conditions and thus quite useless to the designer.

Volt 8A Silicon Diode – Ultrafast 50ns – NTE

A shear test is a suggested way of testing the. The compression washer helps to maintain a constant pressure on the package over time and during large temperature excursions. They can sustain avalanche power levels close to those of forward conduction ratings. Various solder alloys can be used for this oper- ation but two types are recommended for best results: If heatsink or terminal base metal is present the plating is poor and must be corrected.

Therefore, the characterization should be based on easy to measure parameters. Typical reverse current- for lower voltage selections can be estimated from: Contact your Motorola representative for more details. This state of the art device has the following features: Defects in the epi such as pipes cause premature failures but can often be screened by a leakage current test that eliminates soft breakdown devices. Thin plating allows the solder to penetrate through to the base metal and can give a poor connection.


Current Derating Case Datashete 4.

Section 1 Index and Cross Reference Index and Cross Reference The following table represents an index and cross reference guide for all rectifier devices which are either manufactured directly by Motorola or for which Motorola manufactures a suitable equivalent. This document contains information on a new product.

BYW80-200, BYW80-200G, BYW80F200

IV Tilted buttons can cause a void in the solder between the heatsink and button rectifier which will result in poor heat transfer during operation. It 510 mandatory to limit this switching speed to avoid having an avalanche energy measurement dependent on the gate drive i.

It is also important that severe thermal shock either heating or cooling be avoided as it may lead to damage of the die or encapsulant of the part. These photographs show that the failure is generally a punchthrough.

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Find Tr from Figure 2. Anyhow, it is possible to generate very useful information with this UIS test circuit by varying the inductor value. Rating applies when surface mounted on the datashewt pad size recommended. Relation [7] can also be expressed by: For example, rel- ative waveform rectification efficiency is approximatley 70 per- cent at 2 MHz, e.

This profile will vary among soldering systems, but it is a good starting point. However, in contrast to ordinary junction diodes, the loss in waveform efficieny is not indicative of datashedt loss; it is simply a result of reverse current flow through the diode capacitance, which lowers the dc output voltage.

Therefore, unless the designer has a parasitic inductance of value L in his circuit, the standard datasheeet data will be useless, or worse, it might lead to an overestimate of the ruggedness of his application: Therefore the avalanche capability de- creases when the 1150 temperature increases and the failures can normally be predicted by Safe Avalanching Areas such as figure Maximum Reverse Current Figure 4.


Typical Forward Voltage Figure 2. This state-of-the-art datasheft has the following features: Power is slightly lower for the other units because of their lower forward voltage. Using a board material such as Thermal Clad, an aluminum core board, the power dissipation can be doubled using the same footprint.

These fluxes range from a mild rosin to a strong acid; e.

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Contact your Motorola representative for more information. The paste contains both the metal and flux and can be dispensed rapidly. Figure 7 can be used to generate a transient thermal resis- tance graph by plotting the temperature divided by the power: Typical Capacitance 1—36 Rectifier Device Data MURE, The unclamped inductive switching circuit shown in Figure 6 was used to demonstrate the controlled ava- lanche capability of the new “E” series Ultrafast rectifiers.

State-of-the-art geometry features chrome barrier metal, epitaxial construction with oxide passivation and metal overlap contact. The test circuit shown in figure 9 sets a constant ava- lanche current through the device until it fails, this duration can then be plotted for different current levels. Given a constant power pulse and for values of t less than 1ms, [6] is equivalent to: The necessity for avalanche rugged power semiconduc- tors has clearly been perceived by many semiconductor manufacturers who have come up with avalanche-energy rated devices.

Factors that can affect the profile include the type of soldering system in use, density and types of components on the board, type of solder used, and the type of board or substrate material being used.

Ideally suited for high voltage, high frequency rectification, or as free wheeling and protection diodes, in surface mount applications where compact size and weight are critical to the system. Find VR equ j v.