bsnl inplant training report – Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. NOIDA INDUSTRIAL TRAINING REPORT BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED, has successfully completed six weeks Industrial Training in BSNL at Jammu. It is my esteemed pleasure to present the training report. I had a golden opportunity of getting industrial training at Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. (Govt. Of India.

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Cordless type switch board: BSNL has installed Quality Telecom Network in the country and now focusing on improving it, expanding the network and introducing new telecom services. In case of error the samples from only the good branch are taken after automatic testing of the quality of transmission of both the branches by the common control and the faulty branch is withdrawn from the inpkant. In receive direction it gets data from both the branches which it checks for parity and compares to detect any error in the two branches.

In this type of charging we take off the batteries from the load and charge separately, until it gets fully charged.

training report-BSNL

The control function writes in the control memory at the location corresponding to the Incoming Time Slot Number, the location where it should be written in the Buffer Memory. The server present in the main computer room provides this service. I Strowger Type Switching system: Equipment which effects interconnected of telephones is vsnl as switching equipment. Each higher layer relies on services provided by a lower level layer.

Flexibility for network and changes. Delayed hot line facility -When subscriber re;ort the handset, dial tone is provided he can dial any number. Charging – Discharging Unit The batteries we are using in the power room need timely charging. Later he dial this number, he has to only dial short code. The open systems niplant model defines all the methods and protocols needed to connect one computer to any other over a network.


It is working round the clock to take India in to the future by providing excellent telecom services for people of India. The batteries we are using in the power room need timely charging. It will be discussed in various Exchanges. The called party then handles the process of ringing, detecting an answer, and notifying the calling and billing machinery when the reort is completed. Cellular is one of the fastest growing and most demanding telecommunication applications.

Various exchanges present in BSNL are: There are two types of master earth stations: Each Tag block has 10 rows. The switching centre, which houses the terminating and switching equipment is called telephone exchange.

It includes a network cable that can transmit a stream of bits between nodes on inpllant physical network. It supports both analog and digital traihing. The condenser liquefies the refrigerant gas by a heat exchange process.

BSNL best report: BSNL best vocational training report

Input Output Processor Subsystem. The computer at the receiving end reverses this process. Malicious call identification -In this category, the number of repodt subscriber is printed on the terminal.

This time slot is usually a fraction of a second.

These packet protocols include source and destination routing information. From written material 3. The connection of subscriber from exchange is terminated on this side of MDF. Subscriber access unit can be placed at a remote place and connected to the main exchange through PCM links. Trainnig the name specified it is the main part of the exchange that deals with the all services provided by the exchange to the customers with the help of computer.


The main source of this exchange is AC supply. Case-II Quit a few numbers of telephone reported dead: These fuses have two sides, one is exchange side and other is subscriber side. The cabinets and pillars included in the cable network provide flexible arrangement of interconnection between various sizes of cables.

GD tubes are connected in parallel while Electrical fuses are connected in series. The MAC sub layer reprt frame assembly and disassembly, error detection and correction, and addressing.

One Vertical has 10 tag blocks. Inverter and Converter Unit.

After this, he informs to the exchange that the line is OK and then the exchange informs the subscriber at their phone number, that there telephone is working now. The traininf elements carried by the data link layer are called frames.

This service envisages installation of very small aperture terminals VSAT to work with satellite based pocket switched network.

Summer training report in bsnl pdf download

The main work of the discharging unit is to control the discharging of the batteries. Equipment which effects bsnnl of telephones is known as switching equipment. Then fault is given to.

Second, monitoring the operation of the first, ready to take over in a few seconds in the event of equipment failure. Computer Network Chapter 4.