Brand Blanshard, emeritus Sterling professor of philosophy at Yale University, is the leading rationalist on the contemporary Anglo-American scene. A graduate. Brand Blanshard. Wisdom in its broadest and commonest sense denotes sound and serene judgment regarding the conduct of life. It may be accompanied by a. Manchester University, Brand Blanshard. Lord Macaulay once recorded in his diary a memorable attempt—his first and apparently also.

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At Yale, he served as chairman of the Department blansyard Philosophy for many years. In a sense they making such generalizations constantly; whenever they recognize the thing before them as a chair or a lamppost, they are leaping from the particular to the general by a process of implicit classification. His philosophical interests had shifted away from religion.

Thirdly, because these problems are hu-manly so important, plain men make a further demand on the philosopher.

Johnson could not answer him, the brane man could read him and understand. He knew little enough about astronomy, but, convinced that the other planets were hovered over by angelic intelligences and were probably inhabited by souls more or less like ourselves, he prepared a discourse in whose very title we catch some echoes of his rolling periods: They even have some good writers on beand side.

She died of burns the next day. How easy it is to say that! A sentence as its simplest makes one statement, but if we were to make only one statement per sentence, our writing would be unbearable.

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Why should this not hold also in the realm of the mind? It is not so much any single feeling as the range of feelings that answer to the degrees of elevation in the subject. Blanahard we know that all the world loves a lover, and Dr.

In the same way he will be able to recognize some proposals for action as rash, partisan, or shortsighted because certain consequences have been ascribed to them blansharr and others have been ignored. On this page are links of.

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Whether a belief is warranted must be decided by the evidence it rests on and the implications to which it leads, and one can become aware of these only by reflection. Also strongly critical of reductionist accounts of mind e. If their ideal of goodness is the will of a Deity who could inflict or permit the evil we know in the world, they have no consistent standard at all. What makes their style so attractive to us is precisely that with them style is so individually and reveal-ingly the man.


Each had the enviable faculty of making people say: A lead ball is resting on a glanshard.

Brand Blanshard

They have been brqnd that he is a man of very great knowledge, presenting a subject that is deep, dark, and difficult; and when he reaches his impressively incomprehensible close, they may tiptoe respectfully out, reflecting a little sadly that in spite of their interest and effort, these matters are quite beyond them.

In commonsense English writers this high semimystical seriousness is perhaps less natural than elsewhere, though it does break through at times. His method was to consider particular instances of them and bring to light the features they had in common; this would give the essence and true pattern of the virtue in question. In a recent book Hans Reichenbach records a similar adventure with his illustrious coun-tryman, Hegel.

I’ve just discovered online a facsimile of the original booklet as reprinted by Indiana University Press Bloomington and London. But rhythm has been anything but a small concern to the masters of English prose. Green is making a not very difficult point: He knows from inner experience how often and how easily the needle of the compass is deflected away from truth by the presence in its neighbourhood of egotism, impatience, or the desire to score off somebody; and he would feel like a charlatan if he used on others methods he would resist in his own thinking.

Here are three philosophers of the vlanshard standing writing on subjects of which they were masters.

Now abstractions are often hard to lay hold of, and there is something reassuring about good round noun substantives as names for them; with such large placards on their backs they seem less elusive, less ethereal, blnashard to keep in sight.

Moore in our own day, he showed in the one wholly convincing way — by example — that philosophy could maintain all the sharp-eyed wariness of the specialist while walking the road of ordinary speech. By way of testing my impression that Bradley ran to smaller units than Green, I opened Appearance and Reality and Prolegomena to Ethics at an arbitrarily chosen page — I chose page 29 — and counted.

For my own part I should think at once of some of the great English stylists — of Macaulay, of Froude, of Carlyle, of Hazlitt, of Lamb, of Ruskin for special reasons I omit novelists and contem-poraries. He thought much about it, and finally offered this as the considered result: Should any of us wish that Hobbes were less unmistakably Hobbes in his writing, or Bradley Bradley, or Moore his repetitious, lucid, vehement, painstakingly precise self? So in the end of all of us.


Jessop, Reasonable Living London; H. Sir Thomas Browne said that he liked to pursue his reason to blanshrd O Altitudo.

Thacker-ay and De Quincey, for example, and if more recent illustrations are wanted, the late H. Such feeling does not have to beg questions. The Greeks had a wisdom literature of their blanwhard which long preceded the appearance of their great philosophers.

We must admit, therefore, that a philosopher can do without it; and since we are saying so much about style today, let me underline this remark by way of keeping or sense of proportion.

Or take this, from so competent a writer as Dean Brannd Not one word of it gave me anything like an idea except a Latin quotation from Persius. I quote a single fairly typical sentence: Reason is the substance from which all things derive their being. Some theologians, aware of this conflict, have at certain points resorted to open revolt against reason and its morality. To have a better chance at a teaching position in the United Braand, Brand left Oxford for Harvard in Men like Newman and Stevenson seem to have taken pains to blanhsard what they called a style as a preliminary measure — as something that they had to form before their writings could be of any value.

In his early work The Nature of Thoughthe defended a coherence theory of truth.

The fact is that we want of our philosophers, as of our artists, both forms of the love of truth. The introduction of new forms of communication such as the railway, automobile, telegraph, radio, necessitates a reaccommodation of social organization to the new interpretation of spatial distance.

They are not excrescences or lapses; they live in our memories because, on the contrary, they are so natural, human, and just. Retirement did not slow him down. Photo [left column, top] is by Richard P.