In the spring of , Peter Thiel taught a class called CS Startup, at Stanford. One of the students in Thiel’s class, Blake Masters, posted. The book is based on the notes. It’s also very different. For one thing, it says more (and says it better) in about half the space. The general impact of a more. Notes Essays—Peter Thiel’s CS Startup—Stanford, Spring Here are my.

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Startups pay less than bigger companies. There are four theories about the future of intensive progress. Going from 0 to 1 always has to favor determinism over indeterminism. Trying to do so invites ample opportunity for fallacious reasoning.

Technological development is thus crucially important, even if all we really care about is globalization. People can argue about whether that statute is too broad, and whether other laws against, say, murder, would suffice.

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At the very least, being in law school affords one a structured opportunity to learn how to think about the law. To ask the question, hopefully, is to answer it. For starters, we can make the notes considerably better. Humanities majors may well learn a great deal about the world. Some 20, people, believing themselves uniquely gifted, move to Los Angeles every year to become famous actors.

Now more than ever, young people are realizing that the future is theirs to create, not something that will simply happen to them. I read the entirety of the notes when they first came out and I agree with Blake and Daniel that the book is worth it.


Severe coordination problems may stem from something as seemingly trivial or innocuous as a company having a multi-floor office. This tool looks for lower prices at other stores while you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. Real innovation is possible in legal technology, and it is on the horizon. Follow him on twitter rabois.

By this definition, of course, there were tons of WMDs in Iraq. Why Do a Startup? We tend to think very statistically about the future.

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A 0 to 1 startup involves low financial costs but low non-financial costs too. Substantively, we are revising, updating, and expanding on the best parts of the class. But not legal research. Say, much of Silicon Valley right now? Our view is that some degree of sustained attention, not just brief scanning, is essential for real thinking. Under federal law, 40mm launchers are always destructive devices, and thus must be registered to be lawfully possessed.

Startups are important because they are small; if the size and complexity of a business is something like the square of the number of people in it, then startups are in a unique position to lower interpersonal or internal costs and thus to get stuff done.

The Educational and Narrative Challenge. Not sure what Peter Thiel is doing blakee right, but he somehow has every single media outlet writing about him now. America is the land of opportunity.

But they do support the general sense that the rapid progress of the last years is slowing all too quickly. So CS is the logical starting place to recapture the reins of progress.

Is Blake Masters’ and Peter Thiel’s book finished? Other businesses require a great deal of domain-specific knowledge, which often entails specialized education. Or, conversely, one in which everyone is an independent contractor.


We at Khosla Ventures are excited to be working with the Judicata team to prove it. The Future of Intensive Growth. To model all costs, it would have to model human irrationalities, emotions, feelings, and interactions. You dismissed this ad. Judicata is developing an intuitive search technology that groks all of the facets of legal precedent. Of course, most of the world of technology has advanced since those dark days.

The familiar Austrian critique dovetails here as well. At least many Americans believe that it is. The New York Times. What is the difference between book and scripture? You can analyze and predict. Certainly many successful entrepreneurs have name brand college degrees. I think this story is pretty cool in its own right. Is it worth reading if you’ve already read the notes?

The answer is straightforward application of the Coase Theorem. More broadly, though, books remain important, whether digital or in print. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. What is your review of Zero to One book? The book brings together 25 contributors from the world of venture capital and entrepreneurship around the topics of how to build a business, how to fundraise, how to hire, and a number of other strategic and tactical topics for entrepreneurs.