: Avervision AF+: Video Projectors: Electronics. Find great deals for AVerMedia AVerVision AF Document Camera Avervisionaf for Parts. Shop with confidence on eBay!. AVerVision AF – document camera overview and full product specs on CNET.

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Instant Auto Focus Auto Focus saves time from the hassle in focusing the camera. There is no computer signal on the presentation screen.

Then Power-Cycle your camera. To reset your Unit back to a document camera, unplug and re-plug the power cord. We are now closed for the Christmas Holidays and reopen Monday 7 th January Finally power-cycle your camera. Equipped with an Auto Focus 3. All trademarks used are recognised and are the property of their respective owners. If your output device does not support 300wf resolution; no image can be projected.

Please only press the power button for 1 second and let go when shutting down your camera. All prices exclude VAT unless stated and will be charged at the standard rate. It does not require computer connection avermediaa networking and benefits teaching. Friendlier Software The bundled AVerVision software is revamped for easier control in collaborating with interactive whiteboard during a presentation.

The AF is fitted with a 3.

AVerVision AF – Portable Document Camera

The AVerVision Software cannot detect the 300qf camera. If you hold the power button down for an excess of more than 5 seconds, the power light will turn all the way off. Click to search for similar items. The high-speed 24 frames per second video capture can deliver fluid videos and thus make it possible to averkedia vivid motions when performing circuit soldering or demonstrating animal dissection.

The AF visualiser can be used in conjunction with a digital projector and linked to your laptop or PC, to an interactive whiteboard.


Combining with the Continuous Capture function in a remote experiment observation, users can continuously capture observation images in preferred time intervals from 5 sec.

AVerMedia AVerVision 3.2 MP Document Camera – 300AF Plus

The picture on the presentation screen is out of focus. If your camera has a Manual focus knob, manually adjust the focus by turning the focus knob located on the camera head. To prevent your camera from going aveermedia “hard reset” mode again. Then power-cycle your camera. A document camera captures real-time images or documents and 300sf it to a large audience. The enhanced USB transmission avermddia reduces image blur or distortion when performing a live demo or using Annotation tools to add notes, overlay text, create drawings and highlight important details.

There are distorted lines running across the presentation screen. Focusing solely on digital video products helped AVerMedia become a market leader and set the standards for digital visual clarity, quality and effectiveness. Do no connect USB cable in the beginning. In addition, the Networking feature provides the access to remotely control document cameras in the local area network LAN to facilitate cross-room discussion and sharing.

The patented Laser Positioning Guide remarkably indicates the viewing area that aids the presenter in positioning the object under the camera. However, it is typical that increased functionality avermediw quality lead to higher cost.

Pressing power button does not averrmedia on the camera. The patented detachable LED light module helps in positioning the document under the camera so as to give you the best possible image. Have You Seen These? The camera will then go into Standby mode red light.

AVerVision AF – document camera Overview – CNET

The default camera display resolution setting is on X If adjusting the focus knob does not focus the image, please click here for instructions avermedja how to fix the focus ring. Make sure you have the most currently updated software, download list is found under Download tab. Images are shown for illustration only and accuracy is not guaranteed. Set your camera to high frame to increase the screen refresh rate.


AVerVision 300AF – document camera

avermedla The combination of AVERZOOM and digital zoom enrich the experience in presenting small elements of a science avermedai, or to clearly show complicated mathematical formulas in a simple and effective way. To power on your camera again you will need to unplug the power cord and plug it back in. For this reason, AVerMedia is in constant development of high quality, yet lower cost alternatives to typical high-priced components and features.

Alternatively, it can be used with an LCD or Plasma screens for truly stunning effects. When this happens it means you have held the power button down too long when shutting down your camera.

Simply add to your basket and print or checkout! AVerMedia is devoted to research and development of digital video technology while being committed to promote effective communication among people and enriching entertainment experiences. It is also supplied with licence-free interactive software to enable you to create a great variety of effects. While Optical Zoom provides enhanced clarity while zooming on an object, it is limited by lacking the ability to pan while utilizing the Optical Zoom Functions.

The high quality 3. There are distortions on my Presenter screen.

AVerMedia started in with its core business being digital video products. The power light is complete off. ID Card Printers and Systems.

If you are using a Laptop, make sure you set your laptop to Dual display mode. Sorry, this item is currently unavailable.