ASME BPE (Revision of ASME BPE). Bioprocessing. Equipment. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD. Three Park Avenue. Buy ASME BPE Bioprocessing Equipment from SAI Global. No reproduction may be made of this material without written consent of ASME. ASME BPE (Revision of ASME BPE) Bioprocessing.

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The equipment manufacturer shall indicate the proper orientation to optimize drainability. SD Shaft Coupling Construction 15 deg to 45 deg min.

Hamilton, Rath Gibson S. The use of preservative fluids is not recommended. Linear porosity generally occurs in the root pass from inadequate joint penetration. Obertanec, LJ Star, Inc. Such judgments shall not be used to overrride mandatory regulations or specific prohibitions of this Standard.

All internal surfaces shall be passivated. Wherever possible, the Committee strived to reference existing standards that are applicable to biopharmaceutical equipment design and fabrication. Recommended tolerances are per Table SD-7 and Fig. However, the heat number and material type shall be marked on the fitting or process component.

Elevated equipment under open frames should have a minimum clearance of 6 in.

Perona, Advance Fittings Corp. A consumable insert can also be used for the root pass in a multiple pass weld with the addition of filler wire also called insert ring.

ASME BPE Guidelines for Pharmaceutical Equipment

Avery, Nickel Xsme E. SD Dip Tube Nozzles: Recommended and Preferred Drop Designs. Drain marks permanently marked on both sides of the valve body will show the correct mounting position to optimize drainability.


Elbich, Exigo Manufacturing M. Baram, Clifton Enterprises L. A linear crack will produce a liquid penetrant indication during liquid penetration inspection, X-ray, or ultrasound. Customary units, and are for reference purposes only unless specified otherwise. T, for testing an anomaly or an indication.

Slope Designations for Gravity-Drained Lines. Murakami, Hitachi Plant Technologies Ltd. SD, illustrations a and d ]. These flanges should be eliminated, if possible. The overall life of the equipment may be shortened significantly if the correct elastomer is not selected.

ASME BPE – Wikipedia

Colors may range from pale bluish-gray to deep blue, and from pale straw color to a black crusty coating. Where used, the additions of these components will require a blowdown to ensure drainability.

All vessels should be checked for drainability during fabrication. Trumbull, Paul Mueller Co.

ASME BPE Bioprocessing Equipment_图文_百度文库

Typically, the point-of-use assemblies are comprised of the following elements: Preferred hygienic support design shall incorporate rounded geometry to facilitate draining and cleanability, with minimal potential for the collecting and retaining of dust and residual cleaning solution or spillage on the hanger.

The number of drain points should be minimized. All gasketed fittings should be constructed in such a manner as to avoid dead legs and crevices. During field welding and assembly, surface contamination shall be prevented. The break shall be at least 1 in.

The committee met in and there was consensus concerning the need to develop standards that would meet the requirements of operational bioprocessing, including: SD-5 d mix-proof valving SD The maximum asmee temperature should relate to the maximum working pressure and the fluids involved. Vessel Design Tangential Nozzles. Ventilation panels and ducts should be easily accessible for cleaning.


ASME does not take any position with respect to the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any items mentioned in this document, and does not undertake to insure anyone utilizing a standard against liability for infringement of any applicable letters patent, nor assume any such liability. All paint systems shall zsme FDA compliant. For bioprocessing equipment, pipe does not include tube.

Cirillo, Jacobs Field Services B. Reinhold, Purity Systems, Inc. Transfer Panel and Jumper Tolerances. Process lines should be cleaned at a velocity to ensure turbulent flow in pipelines, and maintain a fully flooded line.

For a tubeto-tube weld, no unfused portions of the weld joint shall be visible on the inside diameter of a fully penetrated weld. Butt welded connections should be used wherever practical. Special Provisions for Seals in Bioprocessing Service. Dvorscek, Abbott Laboratories E. Surfaces exposed to bioprocessing fluids, cleaning and sterilizing conditions must be a homogeneous in nature b impervious c inert d nonabsorbent e nontoxic f insoluble by process or cleaning asne g resistant to corrosion, scratching, scoring, and distortion SD Carnes, Purity Systems, Inc.