Arctostaphylos pungens. In: Fire Effects Information System, [Online]. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire. Arctostaphylos pungens is an evergreen Shrub. The species is hermaphrodite ( has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Insects. Suitable for: light . Arctostaphylos pungens. Common name: Ponitleaf Manzanita The branches are reddish, similar to those of Arctostaphylos patula (Green Manzanita). Leaves .

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It is native to the Southwestern United States and to arctostaphylod and central Mexico, where it grows in chaparral and woodland habitatsand on desert ridges.

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Sources of plant photos include CalPhotosWikimedia Commonsand independent plant photographers who have agreed to share their images with Calscape. Elliptic to lance-elliptic, blades 1.

This shrub thrives in dry, shallow, acidic soils heavy with gravel and sand, and forms relationships with mycorrhizae to obtain extra nutrients and water. This data pnugens interpolated to estimate average July-August-September precipitation for the latitude and longitude of each plant occurrence location provided Consortium of California Herbaria.

Southwest Desert Flora

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Arctostaphylos pungens, who needs pungenss fly? Hottest Month Hottest Month Average Temperature This field shows the range of average temperatures for the hottest month of the locations in which this plant species is found. The hard wood has been used for making small tools, awl handles etc[]. Its smaller twigs and new leaves are lightly woolly. Arctostaphylos andersonii Arctostaphylos auriculata Arctostaphylos canescens Arctostaphylos catalinae Arctostaphylos columbiana Arctostaphylos confertiflora Arctostaphylos cruzensis Arctostaphylos glandulosa Arctostaphylos glutinosa Arctostaphylos hooveri Arctostaphylos imbricata Arctostaphylos luciana Arctostaphylos malloryi Arctostaphylos montaraensis Arctostaphylos montereyensis Arctostaphylos morroensis Arctostaphylos nortensis Arctostaphylos obispoensis Pungns osoensis Arctostaphylos otayensis Arctostaphylos pajaroensis Arctostaphylos pallida Arctostaphylos pechoensis Arctostaphylos pilosula Arctostaphylos purissima Arctostaphylos refugioensis Arctostaphylos regismontana Arctostaphylos silvicola Arctostaphylos tomentosa Arctostaphylos virgata Arctostaphylos viridissima Arctostaphylos wellsii.


Gravelly soils in sunny places in the Chaparral[]. This data was interpolated to estimate average July-August-September precipitation for the latitude and longitude of each plant occurrence location provided by Consortium of California Herbaria. You can translate pngens content of this page by selecting a language in the select box.

Shrubs, erect, m; burl absent; bark on older stems persistent, reddish, smooth; twigs sparsely short-hairy. About Pointleaf Manzanita Arctostaphylos pungens Arctostaphylos pungens is a species of manzanita known by the common name pointleaf manzanita. Once established, these plants should still thrive with little or no additional irrigation in years of normal precipitation, as long as they are planted in areas with naturally year-round moist soils.

Pedicels mm, glabrous.

MABA – Arctostaphylos pungens

A 30 year old Arctostaphylos pungens with an old California thrasher eating it’s berries. Plant observation data provided by the participants of the California Consortia of HerbariaSunset information provided by Jepson Flora Project.


Plants For A Future have a number of books available in paperback and digital form. Log In New Account Sitemap. Only comments or links that are felt to be directly relevant to a plant will be included. Rocky hillsides with interior chaparral and openings in ponderosa pine savannah: In Julian this bush is a very intriguing shrubby manzanita that is native in the pines P. Arctostaphylos pungens – Kunth. AndersonKearney and Peebles Common Name: It is native to the southwestern United States and northern to central Mexico, where it grows in chaparral and woodland, and on desert ridges.

Smartphone users quickly have information on a plant directly for the pfaf. Other places you might find us roaming about: This data was interpolated to estimate average July-August-September precipitation for the latitude and longitude of each plant occurrence location provided by the Consortium of California Herbaria.

This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. Arctostaphylos pungens Scientific classification Kingdom: Leaves erect; petiole mm; blade bright or dark green, shiny, elliptic to lanceolate-elliptic, 1.

Arcttostaphylos to lance-elliptic, blades 1. Pot the divisions up and keep them in a lightly shaded position in a cold frame or greenhouse until they are growing away actively.