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Once the adjustment of the stopper to calibrate smaller droplets is a costly process, an immediate action to minimize the cost would be properly guide the consumers in a descriptive and illustrative way in the directions of which would be the best way of applying each eyedrop. A local or topical action medicine is a product which is applied locally and assumed to act on the site where it is administered. Considering the dosage of 1 drop in each eye ajtiglaucomatosos times a day, for a total of 8 drops a day, the average cost of the drop, the monthly and the annual cost of the treatment were estimated according oftalmicox the wholesale price, which is the highest price at which a laboratory or distributor of medicines iftalmicos sell their product in the Brazilian market.

Farmacos Oftalmologicos by Naldo Jimenez on Prezi

Table 2 presents the results of the mass of 10 drops antiglaucomatsoos 1 milliliter drop volume, the volume of the droplet formed, the volume of the largest presentation found in market for each brand, and the wholesale price of the eyedrops analyzed under different tilt angles of the bottle during application.

The exact nature of the particulate matter is unknown.

Eye drops contain multiple excipients: A total of 30 patients were included. If it causes discomfort or adverse effects, patients stop using the medicine and often do not report this until the following check up. Oftalkicos affects active ingredient concentration in eye drops. Comparison of aqueous and gellan antiglahcomatosos timolol with placebo on the hour heart rate response in patients on treatment for glaucoma. This is not to say patients should not use generic drugs, but we must monitor the effects to ensure our patients are getting the cost savings they expect without sacrificing efficacy or creating side effects and tolerability issues.

The concept of pharmacoeconomics is growing nowadays, and concerns the application of the principles of economics to the study of medications and health practices, aiming at the optimization in the use of financial resources without prejudice to quality and treatment outcomes Bearing in mind that an active ingredient is in balance between systemic circulation and the site of action, it is assumed that drug values in blood represent drug bioavailability.


Bioavailability is assessed using pharmacokinetic parameters, including: In the other brands, the droplet formed at 90o was bigger Graph 1.

Cantor 20 considers that when switching to a generic medicine, neither the patient not the physician can be sure that the new medicine will be well tolerated or effective. A class effect was considered The Maximum Treatment Duration ranged from Three original vials were tested from 13 brands of tear solution: The change from baseline in peak heart rate was In the absence of comparative studies between the brand-name and the generic medication, FDA classified the generic formulation of the timolol maleate gel forming solution Falcon Laboratories as ABalthough the products are formulated with different slow-release gel vehicles.

Generic versus brand-name North American topical glaucoma drops. The importance of excipients Tabla 1. In the ophthalmic practice, the main route of drug administration is made by eyedrops. We are concerned that neither the Brazilian nor the American Pharmacopoeia considers the eye continent limit for the production of eyedrops, and we understand that more attention should be given to the production of droplets of smaller volume, so there is no waste or risk of increased systemic absorption of some drug.

A comparison of active ingredients and preservatives between brand name and generic topical glaucoma medications using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry. There were no significant differences in the incidence of conjunctival hyperaemia or of any other adverse effect.

None of the collyria studied presented ideal drops for human eyes, leading to a waste of the product and higher cost for the manufacturer and the consumer.

Minor differences in excipient composition are accepted whenever pharmaceutical properties of the study medicine and the reference medicine are identical or essentially similar.

However, note that the current legislation does not bring the definition of determination of the droplet volume anymore, nor sets specific regulations for the droplet volume of eyedrops. Therefore, we realized that the droplet volume of eyedrop is still considerably high, and that this leads to a waste of the product and increased cost to the manufacturer and the consumer. While some patients tolerate eye drop switches with minimal discomfort, others are extremely sensitive and can report small changes associated with preservatives, pH, tonicity or other components.

In general, patients try the medicine we prescribe. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. Seventy-seven patients were studied and the primary efficacy endpoint was the mean IOP decrease, whereas the second efficacy endpoint was the percentage of patients with IOP value below 21 mm Hg at the end of the study.


Later, the mass of 1. Among these, are changes in suspension homogeneity, occlusion of the eye drop bottle tip and significantly lower concentration of the active ingredient in each drop. Corneal contact time is different for both medications, as well as inactive excipients and preservative concentrations. Is it as good as the branded medicine? On occasions, adverse effects translate into objective signs, but sometimes they appear over time as vague systemic complaints.

Note that the percentage of the difference in the volume of the droplet is roughly the same as the difference in the number of droplets. By raising the contact time, these agents reduce nasolacrimal absorption and improve systemic safety.

The significantly lower heart rate was caused by reduced systemic absorption, and hence lower ofatlmicos timolol concentration statistically significant with timolol gellan. All medications, both brand-name and generic, showed a reduction in active ingredient concentration and BAK when exposed to temperatures above those in the information leaflet. The reason is that preservatives such as BAK prevent the pH from increasing beyond 6.

The IOP was measured at 8 am trough effect and 2 oftalnicos 8 hours after instillation. No statistically significant differences were observed between both medications at 8 am, nor 2 hours after administration. It was decided not to use the Maximum Consumer Price 7since some of the eyedrops have the status of Free from Taxation According to the average number of droplets contained in each vial and the dosage defined, it was also determined the Maximum Treatment Duration for each eyedrop, as well as the number of vials consumed per year.


The US Food and Drugs Administration FDA 1 requires that study medicines contain zntiglaucomatosos same active and inactive ingredients at the same concentration as the reference product. Generic and innovator medications can also differ in bottle design, viscosity, surface tension and drop volume. Thus, a drop of larger volume applied to a human eye will have its excess overflowed through the face and drained by the lacrimal pathways 2.

No differences in excipient iftalmicos are accepted.