A Dove at Midnight. Rexanne Becnel. Buy This Book. I have always read romance novels and the Medieval period of history has fascinated me. A maiden’s self-imposed isolation makes her the seductive prize in a royal battle for power. Lady Joanna Preston lives cloistered behind the walls of a nunnery. A Dove At Midnight By Rexanne Becnel – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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There seemed to be too many obstacles — including their own pride — keeping Rylan and Hecnel apart. Enter Sir Rylan Kempe, Lord of Blaecston, a powerful Yorkshire baron with an axe to grind against King John, and alliances he needs to solidify through marriage agreements. Jul 24, Sumeetha Manikandan rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed the first half of the book, but in the second half Joanne just annoyed me.

Quinn rated it liked it May 12, Fighting Dlve at every turn. The author brings out the anguish of Joanna so beautifully that you can’t help feel sorry for her and the other women in that medieval period. Rylan can’t understand why Joanna is so opposed to marriage.

We find Joanna is scared on marriage and men due to what had happened to her mother. Jun 24, Arlena rated it really liked it Shelves: This started off so strong.

Nicole Miale Review Date: Books by Rexanne Becnel.

A Dove at Midnight

Leave A Comment Cancel reply Comment. She is far from the plain, biddabledemure nun wannabe he expected. Then he turned his gaze toward the fire. He is single minded about his task, believing Joanna will come around once she is wed. Becnel lives in New Orleans with her husband and two children. There escapades through the first part of the book were great. But not this time. Jul 10, Nessa rated it liked it.


Fantastic – don’t hesitate- read z book!! Becnel would be able to give this couple their happily-ever-after. As much as she hates all the games and manipulations at court, she’s pretty good at subterfuge herself. What he didn’t count on was his attraction to her and her ability to out think him.

A Dove At Midnight by Rexanne Becnel

This part is where I think the author could have made some better choices. Be ready for some interesting dynamics that will go on between Joanna and Rylan You will find all of the characters all very interesting in one way or the other. Rylan is portrayed as an alpha type of guy, unused to being challenged by a mere woman.

Fun, mindless, exactly what I read this genre to get. But no, it all worked out. This is the part of her that I would have loved to have seen in the first half versus foot stomping and running off into storms with no food, no horse, nothing.

She saw how a “suitable” marriage could turn out so has sworn to become a nun. This book is now available in digital format.

His own secret betrothal to an heiress prevents him from taking the obvious route to forgiveness and marrying Joanna himself. There is a point in the story where I despaired the first time I read this book since I could not figure out how Ms. Joana Preston lives at a priory after her father cast her aside when he begets a male heir from his second wife.

When Rylan arrives, things really get interesting. Stuck in an isolated priory she does not realize her father has died or that she has suddenly become one of the most important pawns in England.


Lee rated it liked it Dec 18, Posted by gpangel at 6: I especially loved that the cover wasn’t cheesy. A Dove at Midnight is not a new book. As soon as she is ableshe moves to a convent and waits for the day she can say her vows and become a nun. Her father, stepmother, and young half-brother all die in a ‘sickness’ that wiped out them and quite a few others in various keeps throughout England.

A Dove At Midnight

There’s no doubt that she was angry about the situation, but her constant bickering and hare brained attempts to escape the hero got old. I loved that movie. Rylan ends up abducting her when she won’t leave with him willingly. When Rylan and Joanna finally give in to their passion for each other, it is not a romantic, sweet event, but rather an evocative, thrilling one.

After his best attempts at persuasion, Rylan kidnaps Joanna. Each is resisting their unwanted, intense attraction to the other, for societal reasons as well as their unwillingness to give up control. You will need to read the book to learn more. I liked the story and if you are in to medieval history you will possibly enjoy it also. Joanna learns she has feelings for him as well, but knows he’s betrothed to another and thinks he plans to keep to his plan of passing her to one of his friends even after he took her virginity.