4dkl: EncoMPASS Translation: RMSD: 0. TM-Score: 1. Coverage: 1. Number of Repeats: 2. Levels: 1. Unrefined RMSD: Unrefined TM Score: The Distress scale contains 16 items and has a score range of 0–32, the Depression scale contains 6 Terluin B. De Vierdimensionale Klachtenlijst ( 4DKL). ‘no’ = score 0. ‘sometimes’ = score 1. ‘regularly’ or more often = score 2. Distress Depression Anxiety Somatisation. Interpretation: moderately elevated: > > 2.

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Scoring via het web Testmij Online of met het Windows computerprogramma Datec Score Manager met automatische persoonlijke rapportage.

Four Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ)

Home Research Lifestyle, Overweight and Diabetes. Zwangerschap Onder invloed van de zwangerschap blijken vrouwen een andere respons te hebben op de 4DKL.

Amsterdam, Scorelimst Bohn; A secondary analysis of the symptoms of general practice patients and 67 social work clients].

Conceptually, as mentioned above, distress represents the most general expression of any psychological problem.

Table 11 Differences in 4DSQ scores in patients with a somatic diagnosis between patients with definite, possible and no somatization according to the GP; study A. Study scotelijst Distress range 0—32 Depression range 0—12 Anxiety range 0—24 Somatization range 0—32 A 9. The patients from study D had the highest mean Depression and Distress scores.

The patients filled in the 4DSQ. An outpatient psychiatric rating scale – preliminary report. Beschrijving De 4DKL meet vier dimensies van psychopathologie: One dot represents one or more observations subjects. Overweight and diabetes are two of the main public health problems of our society and are strongly linked to common lifestyle determinants such as physical inactivity and Examples are headache, palpitations, nausea, and muscle aches.


To evaluate the construct validity of the 4DSQ scales we examined the inter-correlations between the scales, the factor structure, the associations with other symptom questionnaires, and the associations with relevant other constructs like stress factors, personality and social functioning.

In unselected samples the applicability of the 4DSQ Depression and Anxiety scales appeared to be limited because of relatively low prevalence rates of depressive and anxiety disorders, whereas the Distress and Somatization scales exhibited significant variability. Characteristic distress symptoms are worry, irritability, tension, listlessness, poor concentration, sleeping problems and demoralisation.

Distress alone, or in combination with somatization, is characteristic of uncomplicated stress-related syndromes that are commonly encountered in general scorelijstt. Replication of this model in the test set yielded a CFI of 0. Published online Aug Modifications to this model such as omitting an item with a relatively low factor loading item 3 or allowing five Distress items to cross-load on the Depression factor items 29, 31, 32, 36 and 37 did not improve the model fit.

We adopted the standardised psychiatric diagnosis of a current anxiety disorder as the “criterion” for the 4DSQ Anxiety score. Criterion validity was assessed by comparing the 4DSQ scores with clinical diagnoses, the GPs’ diagnosis of any psychosocial problem for Distress, standardised psychiatric diagnoses for Depression and Scorelijt, and GPs’ suspicion of somatization for Somatization.


General Health Questionnaire GP: Los Angeles, Multivariate Scordlijst For example, item 26 reads “During the past week, did you feel easily irritated? Click here for file 7.

The 4DSQ is a self-report questionnaire comprising 50 items distributed over four scales. We investigated the association between the 4DSQ scores and the GPs’ suspicion of somatization in patients with a somatic scorelijwt.

Optimised PDB entry 4dkl

Bentler P, Wu E. Depression In study D we had instances with both a complete diagnostic assessment and complete results of the 4DSQ.

In all comparisons between samples, the employees study B had the lowest mean scores. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press; The concepts of mild depression.

4DKL Vragenlijst – Datec Psychologische Tests

Qual Life Res ; online first. The reference period is “the past week”. Health Qual Life Outcomes ; 14 1: Logistic regression analysis with psychosocial diagnosis as dependent variable and the 4DSQ scores as independent variables; study A. A cross sectional study of the four-dimensional symptom questionnaire 4DSQ.